Bhopal Gas Tragedy Protests: Dow Chemicals now has it from Indian Athletes

Indian athletes boycott London olympics

Kudos to Indian Athletes! This appreciation is not for some record Indian athletes have set internationally but this is for their reported move to boycott London Olympics 2012.A group of current and former athletes have sent a petition to the Indian government to boycott the games in order to register protest against Dow Chemicals’ sponsorship […]


Emraan gets dirty outside the Parliament!

emraan hashmi dirty picture parliament

As if opposition was not enough to ensure Parliament does not do what it is supposed to that Emraan Hashmi turned up at the Parliament to distribute CDs of his latest, ‘The Dirty Picture’ to the parliamentarians on Wednesday. Reportedly he kept standing outside the Parliament to distribute CDs of the much-hyped film. Filmstars can […]

We work hard! Why our Parliament does not?

Parliament-of-India disrupt sessions

A troubling question indeed! Why our parliament can’t concentrate on discussing new bills and passing key legislations especially when sessions in the past have rendered no output. The winter session of the parliament began today. Our parliament has three sessions-summer, monsoon and winter every year. Last session of the parliament already saw very little legislative […]

We are so Thankful to Press Council Chief Markandeya Katju!

aishwarya rai

Today you got saved from a Tsunami my friend. Yes even those of you who don’t have anything to do with the oceans at all because the Tsunami I am talking about is breaking news Tsunami after Aishwarya Rai’s delivery to a baby girl. On a typical day in news, news channels would have shown […]

Cricket Overkill:Time for a re-think?

It would never be an understatement to say cricket is a religion by itself in a country like India. Indians all over are known for their mad love and passion for the game, a peek into the stadium and you won’t be surprised by that statement, from body paintings to mask cut-outs, the Indian fan […]

King of Good Times Vijay Mallya seeks Government’s help during bad times of Kingfishers

vijay_malya_kingfisher airlines bailout

Excessive indulgence can lead you to bankruptcy, for a man worth a billion bucks Vijay Mallya has sought a bailout from government over cash-crunch, UB group owned- Kingfisher Airlines is facing. While civil aviation minister Vayalar Ravi is upbeat about it, BJP has come out strongly against any such move. There are however indications of […]

Biography/Profile:Swami Agnivesh

Swami-Agnivesh on big boss

It really calls for his biography/profile as Swami Agnivesh is the new contestant on Big Boss, one much in news these days. Firstly because of SC’s rebuke for hurting religious sentiments with his infamous Amarnath Yatra remark where he wondered why people undertook such yatras and termed ‘Shivlingam’ as a geographical phenomenon and also because […]

Sonia Gandhi’s foreign trips: No accountability of NAC Chief to Public?

sonia-gandhi foreign trips

Kailash Kanwar of Bhilwara Rajasthan filed an RTI with the external affairs ministry to know about the foreign visits National Advisory Council (NAC) chief and UPA head Sonia Gandhi undertook during the last two years but his application kept moving from ministry to ministry and even landed in NAC’s office, which replied back saying it […]

Raising Interest Rates no more a viable option for RBI –Time to consider alternatives


Whether or not economics interest you, the increasing interest rates must have surely caused you some worries. Be it increasing rates on your EMIs or the further postponement of your plans to buy the dream house due to high home loan rates, RBI’s policies have surely impacted your dreams and desires. At one point of […]

RA.One Hit or Flop


And it’s a hit! No matter how many jokes on RA.One’s perceived failure may be doing the rounds but truth is that after pointless comparisons with first day collection of Salman starer Bodyguard, RA.One by the sheer virtue of its massive box office collection of Rs. 170 crores worldwide can be now officially called a […]