Lokpal Bill and its tryst with Rajya Sabha

rajya sabha lokpal bill live

UPA had the numbers to ensure its draft of the Lokpal Bill sails through in Lok Sabha but in Rajya Sabha where it has failed to secure support from even its allies-Trinamool Congress , UPA is busy fighting fire and managing floor even as I write this, members of the upper house are making clear […]


Ban on Gita: Little case for interference by India

Lord krishna ban on gita

You can’t know what Gita is about until you read it yourself. Going by the number of times I have gone through it in search of peace, there is nothing, which can explain this world, our actions, difference between right and wrong and how to be happy eternally as precisely as Gita does. For people […]

Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the Dam Controversy


Kerala Tamil Nadu and the dam controversy!Few things are as damning as this.James Bond’s ‘Quantum of Solace’ had a villain who did not seek rocket secrets or gold ingots but something as common as water. This film strikes a perfect chord with the prevailing forecasts that water is one non-negotiable resource of the future, which is going […]