TOI vs The Hindu: Better and the Best


I am one of those people who have subscribed to both- TOI and The Hindu. If someone is really sad about this ad campaign match between The Times of India and The Hindu , its people like me! I never had to compare them to judge which one is better or which is the best […]


Quality Education in India- A Challenge

quality of education in India

As a nation whose growth is talk of the town, quality education in India remains still a distant dream. A lot has been written about the system of education in this country. A lot of questions have been raised against it- are we doing the right things for progress, is our research output anywhere near […]

Political Parties of India and Politics of Election Symbols

election symbol of political parties

In our vibrant democracy, election symbols of various political parties of India play an interesting role. Parties often base their slogans on election symbols while some of them go on to become hits! Mayawati’s BSP has given me my personal favorite, ‘brahmin shankh bajaega, haathi dilli jaega’, a class example of her social engineering skills. […]

After corruption, Team Anna takes up a new ‘campaign’ during elections

Team Anna election campaign

After their well-received fight against corruption, members of Team Anna are now going to take up a new campaign to sensitize people about the importance of their votes in a voter awareness drive beginning from Feb 3 in Faizabad, UP. In this drive voters will be advised to stay away from caste or communal factors […]

Man throws ink at Baba Ramdev, gets manhandled

man throws ink at baba ramdev

A man later identified as Kamran Siddiqui threw ink at Baba Ramdev while the latter was addressing a press conference in Constitution Club, New Delhi on black money. Reportedly this man sought Ramdev’s opinion on Batala house encounter and when baba opined that the encounter was not fake, enraged he threw black ink at him […]

Dirty Picture effect: Biopic on Kanti Shah


To most of us Kanti Shah revealed himself in Udaan when three school boys escape from hostel to watch ‘Kanti Shah ke Angoor’. This mild reference to the epic king of soft porn made most of us google him. Now the hate-hate (not love-hate) relationship between Shah and Bollywood has come full circles as Sneha […]

Where is Anna Hazare?

where is anna hazare

Anna Hazare was in Pune since 31st December, where he was admitted in Sancheti Hospital for the treatment of bronchitis. The man who gave Congress a tough time in Hisar by-poll and promised even tougher times if the government failed to pass Lokpal Bill in a shape he desired within the time he asked to […]

Anna Hazare Not in Good Health and So are We

anna hazare not good health

Parliament failed to pass the Lokpal Bill and unfortunately anshan planned by Team Anna to protest against it failed, reportedly due to his not so good health but if Anna   Hazare does not protest that means there would be no protest at all? Is not there enough reason to ring the bell against our […]

Facebook leads to divorces: Too much choice?

broken-heart-divorce (1)

According to a law firm-Divorce Online, Facebook has been a leading cause of over one-third of divorce cases across the world going by the statistics on Facebook and divorces. Facebook, this law firm says gives evidence to aggrieved party as most interaction on the social networking website is in textual form. It is no surprise as Facebook […]