How to study for 12th boards?

how to prepare for board exams

Before we tell you how to study for 12th boards lets make few things clear. Remember this is the time your parents and teachers were reminding you about the whole time when you were busy spending your last year of school to have as much fun as you can?Well we like others are not going […]


US and European companies sold surveillance gear to repressive regimes

surveillance gear

US and European companies have been selling surveillance gear to repressive regimes even when the sanctions are in place. According to reports in mainstream media and popular blogs, US companies and even the ones, which are UK based, have provided authoritarian regimes with key technology for surveillance. It appears very odd that champion of democracy […]

These Item Songs of Bollywood are copied actually!

item songs of bollywood

Okay so Chikni Chameli can easily be called a superhit number striking the right chord with the public and so is true for the Naka Muka number from The Dirty Picture but what if we tell that these hit item songs of Bollywood are copied actually! Read on to know the truth behind the marvel: Chikni Chameli: […]

What to do after Journalism in India?

Journalism in India

Are you a media graduate wondering what to do after your Journalism degree in India? Well chances are that you have already lost all your enthusiasm and your most preferred choice right now is anything, which will give you atleast a job guarantee. (Read MBA) But here we would like to shake you strongly from […]