Bollywood films banned in Pakistan


Agent Vinod is the latest but history of Bollywood films banned in Pakistan go a long long way! It was 1965 when for the first time government of Pakistan censored Bollywood films. It was Ayub Khan, under whose military rule Indian films were banned due to the war, India and Pakistan were fighting back then […]


Narendra Modi, Time Magazine, Brookings Institution and the ‘positive press’


Look Narendra Modi has got a lot of ‘positive press’ from Time Magazine and Brookings Institution. It seems General Elections are really nearing their time! Time Magazine has come under a lot of criticism for its cover story on Narendra Modi, ‘Boy from the Backyard’ featured in its March 26th issue. The article is an […]

How are Exit Polls Conducted?

exit polls

How are Exit Polls conducted is one question everybody wants to know! Exit polls which till now have fuelled pre-result debates on 24*7 news channels have for the first time come in such spotlight, thanks to this time their unanimous prediction for UP elections, tipping Samajwadi Party as the winner with maximum number of seats. […]