Egypt: Law to allow husbands to have sex with their dead wives

egypt wife sex death

In Egypt, husbands may soon get a right to have sex with their dead wives but only upto six hours from the time death occurs. This is what one may call, height of insensitivity! If reports circulating in the local media are anything to go by, this new legislation would be called, ‘farewell intercourse law’. […]


Book Review:The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria

book review post american world

Book Review of ‘The Post American World’ by Fareed Zakaria will tell you how good the book is but not what that goodness actually is.For that you need to read-‘The Post American World’. ‘The Post-American World’, is an honest attempt by Farid Zakaria, to draw up the future of the world which he predicts would not be […]

An inspiring story of weight loss

inspiring story of weightloss

Looking for an inspiring story of weight loss-May be mine can inspire!At some point of time, we all have faced it-embarrassing weight.Such situations end up making us realize how strong and determined we could be.I faced a similar situation and the way I faced it and won against it became- An inspiring story of weight loss. I shed 30 […]

Is Olive oil good for Indian hair?

olive oil is good for indian hair

Is olive oil good for Indian hair? Yes Olive oil is good for Indian hair!  Indian hair type is generally frizzy and unmanageable and blame the pollution, lack of a rich non-vegetarian diet or even paucity of time to care of your tresses but fact is that they require attention-serious attention. Olive Oil is one of […]