Bollywood songs copied from other regional hits!

aa ante amalapuram

Before we disclose bollywood songs which are copied from other regional hits tell us that do you like the song- Aa ante amalapuram and wonder what is the meaning? Okay the song you like and thought is a Bollywood original is a song playing out there since ages! Next trick, which seems to be working […]


Satyamev Jayate: Bad for India!


India has a lot of issues; shows like Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate just make it bad. A touched up Aamir listening to issues narrated in well-scripted tone by carefully picked up people is not what you call ‘doing something’ for the society. Female feticide, Child abuse, malpractices in medical profession, all the issues are real problems […]

Nitish vs Modi: Why Nitish and Modi fight?


Both are achievers in their own rights still why is it Nitish vs Modi? Why do Modi and Nitish fight? Here is a forthright analysis of the causes, which may be a reason for the  scuffles between Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar #1 To begin with Nitish is the chief minister of Bihar and its […]

Nitish Kumar vs Narendra Modi-Fight between Modi and Nitish

narendra modi vs nitish Kumar

This Nitish Kumar vs Narendra Modi is an old fight, which both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi seem to have used to further their political ends. While Nitish tries to project his image as a secular leader due to political compulsions in his turf of Bihar where Muslims constitute approximately 16.5% of the population and […]

This is what happens when you Report Abuse on Facebook

Located along the story a small drop down takes you to this option

What happens when we report abuse on Facebook? We all know, Facebook has a mechanism through which we can report a story if we find it abusive. Which means if a particular story is harassing you or your friend or it contains nudity, graphic violence, hate speech or you think someone has hacked into your […]

What You should know about Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants are dazzling pieces of jewelry that are guaranteed showstoppers. Even the sound of the words crystal pendant conjures up images of wealth, beauty, and the best that life has to offer. When you want to create pieces of jewelry that are going to impress then you should think about bringing out some crystal […]

Five Interesting Things About Indian Culture


Fact is that Indian culture is very interesting.Food,wedding traditions,cuisines,clothing and festivals all make India an interesting country. Blended with bottomless emotions and magnificent colors, there are many facts interesting about the Indian culture, but here are Five Most Interesting Things/Facts which make India’s tradition and culture the memento of its legacy.  #1 Clothing Indian women carry ‘sum […]

Pranab vs Kalam- Who would be a better President

Pranab-Mukherjee vs Kalam

As UPA looks for support for Pranab and BJP convinces Kalam to contest to make election for President- Pranab vs Kalam, lets look at who would be a better president with the help of this 3-point scale: #1 Political Spectrum President is the highest authority of the nation. He is the first person and thus […]

Kalam for President-Mamata logs on to Facebook

mamata banerjee facebook

Mamata Banerjee has taken to Facebook to gather support for her ‘campaign’ for ABJ Abdul Kalam as President. On her official page on Facebook- the popular social networking website, Mamata has posted an appeal to people to support Kalam for President. The post she says is the first ever by her since she has logged […]

Why Abdul Kalam vs Sonia Gandhi

APJ sonia gandhi

Why is it Abdul Kalam vs Sonia Gandhi? Why are things not pleasant between Abdul Kalam and Sonia Gandhi? Mamata likes him, people adore him, if given a chance, BJP will happily support him but why Congress hates APJ Abdul Kalam so much? Why on every chance that it has got, it has refused to […]