Why Do Girls Love Shopping?

why do girls love shopping

Do you want to know why do girls love shopping? Its that thing when you see a cute girl and she smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when a girl sees a store. It is a passion for few and a hobby […]


Shahnaz Husain- Profile and Biography

shahnaz husain

Shahnaz Husain is an Indian Entrepreneur.Read Shahnaz’s Profile and Biography here.An inspiring women entrepreneur with a steadily growing market all over the world, Shahnaz Husain has been proving to the world through her life that the spirit of entrepreneurship, passion and hard work are enough to realise one’s dreams. Her biography penned by her daughter […]

C Sivasankaran: Profile and Biography


C Sivasankaran is former Aircel Chief.Read Sivasankaran’s Profile and Biography here. His early life is disputed, while some claim he was born to a school teacher, others say that his father was a businessman himself whose business Siva managed later on before he launched his own business plans in action. Siva, as he is popularly […]

Why Anna Hazare is fasting now?

anna-hazare fasting

Anna Hazare is back to fast at Jantar Mantar.He is fasting now to bring corruption in the government out in open.In addition to his original demand of lokpal bill, this time grievance is the corruption by UPA ministers. Pranab is corrupt Now Pranab Mukherjee is our President so immune from being tried for corruption charges […]

Reason behind Assam Riots

assam riots

What is the reason behind Assam Riots?Why the riots broke out in this North-Eastern state of India? It began with killing of four bodo tribal youth on Friday in Kokrajhar district of Assam.They were killed by unidentified people but taking them to be persons of muslim community, armed bodo tribals launched attack on muslims. Bodo […]

English is not a Mercedes, it is a language after all


I remember, I was very fascinated to see a kindergartner speak in English when I was myself in class 3rd albeit in a Hindi-medium school . I didn’t know that in the months to come, I too would be expected to speak this language as fluently. Till class 3, my medium of education was Hindi. […]

What really killed the Maruti Suzuki GM at Manesar

maruti suzuki gm murder

Murder of an innocent General Manager, Human Resources (GM) Awanish Kumar Dev by ‘extremely aggressive and vehement workers of the Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant has left everyone talking about the ill fate of Awanish, that how wrong the workers for their violent conduct were and how much losses will Maruti have to bear due to […]

Not a Poodle! Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister


Recently India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was called a ‘poodle’ by The Independent. This was after US based TIME magazine called him an ‘underachiever’. Such negative press is a handiwork of the neoliberal forces as Time is owned by Time warner based out of United States and The Independent has been a loss making enterprise […]

Area 51 And The Aliens

area 51

Area 51 is a secret military base approximately 133 km away from Las Vegas, to the north side of Nevada, U.S. Living a low profile yet a controversial one on the shores of dry Groom Lake, it tests the air crafts like Aurora Super plane with estimated speed of eight times the speed of sound, […]

Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of India


As race for PM (Prime Minister) hots up, should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM (Prime Minister) of India is one question perturbing us. While top leaders in Congress have already given their yes to his leadership, his Prime Ministerial credentials in general do not amuse people. Especially in the cyber-world, bloggers, tweeples and people […]