Why Do Girls Love Shopping?

why do girls love shopping

Do you want to know why do girls love shopping? Its that thing when you see a cute girl and she smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like… Continue Reading


Why Anna Hazare is fasting now?

anna-hazare fasting

Anna Hazare is back to fast at Jantar Mantar.He is fasting now to bring corruption in the government out in open.In addition to his original demand of lokpal bill, this time grievance is the corruption by UPA ministers. Pranab is… Continue Reading


Not a Poodle! Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister


Recently India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was called a ‘poodle’ by The Independent. This was after US based TIME magazine called him an ‘underachiever’. Such negative press is a handiwork of the neoliberal forces as Time is owned by Time… Continue Reading


South Asian University is a good place to learn

Akbar Bhawan Campus

It took a simple google of the phrase- ‘Is South Asian University good’ for me to realize that a lot of people must be looking for an answer to this question, those who have applied and got through, those who… Continue Reading