Thrice: How many times India has won the Under 19 World Cup

yuvraj singh under 19

India has won Under 19 World Cup thrice. India first won the coveted trophy in 2000, 2008 and now 2012! The latest has been won today under captaincy of Unmukt Chand where Team of the juniors has snatched the victory from the Aussies. Let’s revisit the glorious past victories: 2000: India defeated Sri Lanka by six […]


Heavily guarded reopening of Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant

maruti suzuki manesar plant

Maruti Suzuki Factory at Manesar saw a reopening today, a heavily guarded one. This factory was shut down after riots in which a manager was killed and several others injured. While this plant at Manesar has resumed operations again, it will still not reach its pre-riot capacity of production with just 10% of its capacity […]

Choice of Career: Journalism or Mass Communication

Journalism or Mass Communication

The Choice between Journalism or Mass Communication and difference between Journalism and Mass Communication often confuses people. However similar these two fields may sound, truth is they are really different from each other as far as course material, career prospects and life thereafter is concerned. In India many colleges offer a separate degree in Journalism […]

What is the connection between Bangalore Exodus and Assam Riots

bangalore exodus

What is the connection between Bangalore Exodus and Assam Riots? Why are people from North East fleeing Bangalore, Madurai, Coimbatore and now even Chennai? The reason for such exodus is rumour mills which are active through messages, social networking websites and word of mouth. According to the rumours, Muslims in these places will avenge the death […]

Anna Hazare Joining Politics: Good and Right

anna hazare joining politics

Anna Hazare joining politics is good and this is an absolutely right decision at a ripe moment.According to news reports, Anna Hazare has announced that he will call off his fast unto death (which his team members joined him in) or until his demands are accepted on Friday 3rd August, 2012.In addition to this, he […]