The story of Arvind Kejriwal’s Political Agenda

arvind kejriwal political agenda

Arvind Kejriwal’s Political Agenda is like a bedtime story, it makes you feel secure and safe and generally happy about the world around you! Reading the vision document (QUEST FOR SWARAJ: From Subject hood to Citizenship) from Kejriwal and his team, it’s a nice feeling you get. You suddenly begin to envision an India wrapped […]


Will Arvind Kejriwal Win 2014 Lok Sabha Elections?

arvind kejriwal elections

Will Arvind Kejriwal win 2014 Lok Sabha elections? For Arvind Kejriwal, elections are still away so it seems to be a tough question to answer right now with Kejriwal’s party not even having a name yet and his political agenda only taking shape. This may be a tough question but looking at what the gentleman […]

English Vinglish Hit or Flop: Hit is it

Sridevi English-Vinglish

Is English Vinglish Hit or Flop? Hit is it? English Vinglish marks Sridevi’s return to the silver screen after 14 long years. She is a shade older and a fainter image of her chirpy self but this is what is her character ‘Shashi’ requires her to be. She is playing a middle aged woman made […]