Aishwarya Rai’s weight gain after baby delivery-why it should not bother you

Aishwarya Rai’s weight gain after delivery of her baby is a matter of ridicule for most. Her pictures after this post-baby weight gain are all over the Internet with unkind comments from people on her beauty, ‘a thing of past’. It smacks of chauvinism where looking beautiful is a duty on a women’s part and if she fails to fulfill it, people can go to the extent of dehumanizing her. This is exactly what is happening with Aishwarya Rai right now. The question remains, she went through the test of motherhood, which includes putting on loads of weight but why should it bother all of us? We all undergo times when we are not in the best of the shapes, but does that mean that others get a license to bully us because of this?

Aishwarya Rai reportedly made an appearance at Ritiesh and Genelia’s marriage with those extra kgs on and thus the video, which someone shot there, became viral and so were the still shots. This footage has invited a lot of criticism, where one comment reads, “She is a Bollywood actress and being a part of showbiz it is her duty to look good and fit. ”Duty?? Like really? How many of us do rest of our duties so dutifully that we can point fingers at her?

She chose to give birth naturally and did not opt for C-section. Men who are ridiculing her cannot ever get an inkling of how painful it is. There is a complete scientific angle to why women put on weight after pregnancy. First thing pregnancy is a taxing thing where body undergoes a lot of changes and so weight may go out of control but sometimes there may be complications in pregnancy or delivery or may be post-delivery complications, which may require less exertion, complete rest and render mobility to its minimum. In Rai’s case it could be anything about which the actor has not went public. We all ought to respect her privacy. Weight goes away only gradually. In the first place it should not bother us how does she look right now but we should also not forget that women despite of facing a lot of similar problems, bounce back with a lot more glow and beauty.

PS: Congratulations Aishwarya for delivering a new life, you were beautiful, you always would be.




  1. saba says

    Oh for crying out loud leave the poor woman alone to enjoy bonding time with her child,my god it is as if she has commited a crime, it is normal to gain weight after pregnancy these are very sad times that a woman is being critisised for gaining a few pounds due to her pregnancy. It is also sad that alot of female actresses feel under pressure due to there profession to loose the weight fast after giving birth which is not normal. Weight loss should be done slowly and in a healthy manner, if she is breast feeding then the weight will slide off-you burn 500 calories per feed.

    • Monica Verma says

      Thanks for reading and commenting Saba, Never knew breast feeding burns 500 calories per feed!kudos to all mothers

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