Area 51 And The Aliens

Area 51 is a secret military base approximately 133 km away from Las Vegas, to the north side of Nevada, U.S. Living a low profile yet a controversial one on the shores of dry Groom Lake, it tests the air crafts like Aurora Super plane with estimated speed of eight times the speed of sound, U-2 plane etc. but Hush! They are the U.S’ secret spy planes and you are not allowed to speak about them openly. Why? Ask the insecure Titans, who claimed it to be a rumor, despite of the evidences, which have come out shouting in public time to time. Anyway, it is the ‘Reverse Engineering’ i.e. ‘a way of scrutinizing the technological devices to discover their functioning’, which is the main agenda of the scientists, working in the highly confidential S-4 military area of Area 51. This place is so sunk in secrecy that the scientists themselves are taken every day to the base camps in the ‘black out’ buses so that they don’t see how the place looks like. Hah, Heights of Confidentiality!

Created in 1954 and protected by a radar station in the midst of a high ringed desert, Area 51 has come out with the jaw dropping rumors of Aliens and UFOs (unidentified flying objects) since decades, fanning the flames of curiosity among the masses. Now the question is, are those rumors really real? Do Aliens really exist? If you fly this question to the doors of Bob Lazar, he won’t take a moment to say, YES!  This physicist claimed in media that he worked ‘Reverse Engineering’ over nine spaceships hidden in the S-4 area. But he forgot that he was killing the privacy of Area 51 for which the U.S is damn possessive. Eventually, poor man was given a hard time by banishing him from his own existence. His all school, college and even, his being Area 51’s physicist records went missing (or ‘made’ missing). Though criticized by many scientists, Bob Lazer got support from a 70-year-old retired engineer, Jarod 2 (the alias) who worked with him from 1988 till 1989. Jarod 2 served S-4 area till 30 years, and confidently claimed having seen a grey alien, ‘Jad Rod’ (named after his name) when he was working over reproduction of extra terrestrial objects, during his project. According to him, whatever ‘The Sufferer’, Bob disclosed in media was true and there were other things, which were beyond his reach. This is not the only case, which thrilled the whole world.

The pic UFO crashed in Roswell

The Roswell UFO incident came out as the Big Daddy of all the news. A spacecraft crashed down at night in the territory of Area 51Roswell, New Mexico in June 1947 and an alien was allegedly shot dead while escaping from the Roswell Air Army Force. But soon this incident was covered in a press conference by calling it a ‘weather balloon accident’ and got vague in the memory lane of the people. Since decades, many scientists’ theories and many cases of captured videos of UFOs came out into light, but none got heed.

How far the ‘known’ secrets are going to be treated as ‘unknown’? What Area 51(the pride of the U.S government) is hiding, and why? Does it really have aliens behind its walls? Why people like Bob Lazer didn’t get permission to speak in public about the truth which world deserves to know?

Let Area 51 keep on the mask of fake skepticism, but it can’t hold back the history howling its core, filled with some really shocking realities. I guess, all we need to do is, dig deeper.




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