Will Arvind Kejriwal Win 2014 Lok Sabha Elections?

Will Arvind Kejriwal win 2014 Lok Sabha elections? For Arvind Kejriwal, elections are still away so it seems to be a tough question to answer right now with Kejriwal’s party not even having a name yet and his political agenda only taking shape. This may be a tough question but looking at what the gentleman is doing right now, we are close to impressed!Lets look at the reasons why

#1 No caste no creed, aam aadmi is the breed

Well it’s been a long time that India has been independent but what still keeps us shackled is the way our democracy is asserting casteism.It’s a serious hindrance to unity and even more serious for the noble agenda of development which elections won on casteist grounds conveniently avoid.Here Kejriwal is a refreshing break. So far he has talked about black money, good governance and corruption.This is what he alluded to when he restored electricity connection in New Delhi and this is what he has reflected in his attempt to expose certain Mr. Vadra’s deals and linkages.This is commendable because may be right now it is not affecting the entire India yet but this man with logic in his head and aam aadmi in his heart seems to be doing something different, something good.

#2 Insider turned rebel

How many times our politicians have given it back to us with a curt reply that we do not know how things work! Well  Arvind Kejriwal sure does know how things work! Even when He was pointing out Robert Vadra’s deals with DLF, he backed them up with facts and gave a precise solution in which particular branch of IT department should hold a raid to catch him. Also, he seemed to know IT laws well, which is why he pointed out how P Chidambaram, India’s finance minister has no authority to clarify on a private person’s behalf unless that private person is none other than Mr. Priyanka Gandhi.

He is a handy guy who knows the system well and this is where his biggest strength lies!

#He knows politics too baby!

So some people think politics for him is all about Delhi and Congress. Do not really read much into it because fact is right now Congress is in power and with so many scams speaking for themselves, which party should someone who is for good governance and anti-corruption protest against? Also this point about he restoring electricity in Delhi, Delhi is the capital and it is a great political move to catch media’s attention and nation’s imagination. He has to begin from scratch and if he is seeking votes by making himself visible politically what harm! You would not be googling up his name and this article if he would not have caught your attention isn’t it?




  1. Name (required) says

    Gud Observation,i must say.he is indeed a gud politician in the making..he knows how to pull crowd..But i dont know y he goes on criticising every one..after Gujrat Riots Modi manged to put his state in development track..and is often projected him as our potential pm..he never praises anyone..he shud respect the person who deserves it..

  2. deepti says

    I am so surprised to see that media and aam aadmi questions people like arvind kejriwal so quickly and it took us 65 years to know that BJP and Congress have always eated our nation..y are people so rigid when it comes to change and that too for some good of the nation….Even after suffering so much people dnt want to give kejriwal a chance but will give vote to same looters ..how dumb can india behave repeatedly

  3. vikas tomer says

    Being a Indian I salute you. I am doing jobs in private sector. Just tell me what can I do for my country with you.Question is this“Will Arvind Kejriwal Win 2014 Lok Sabha Elections?”Arvind u will have to spread our movement in rural area. these peoples are not aware for news paper and news channel.Plz we will have to do some thing in rural area.We r with u always.

  4. Dr.Nagendra Yadav says

    Mr kejriwal you are doing a good job for us.i will support u till my last breatth.all country looking for you.please do as good as u can.all youth is with you yaar..like u so mutch yaar..we want change…………..

  5. deepak says

    aam aadmi party may win something in delhi. but what about the other parts of india? what about the non-hindi speaking areas in our country? a substantial number of lok sabha seats in the 2014 elections is required if there is to be some change in corruption

  6. Tarun kr Talukdar says

    I know in India there is a so many party and every party get there supporter,because we all are become a selfish mentality first,than some body believe some party.but if we all try to change our countries position than we have to support Kejriwal. there is no others we can dream for better country.

  7. Zameer Khan says

    jab se hosh sambhale hai congress aur BJP ko hi dekhte aarahe hai. Ek admi agar kuch alag karne ki koshish kar raha hai to ham sabko uska saat dena chahiye. congres aur bjp ne kuch bhi desh ke liye nahi kiya hai. harr saal kitne carodo ka scam hota hai. kitno ka to janta ko pata bhi nahi chalta hoga. sirf inki hi jeb garam hoti hai. election ke waqt sirf inke jeb se paise nikalte hai. baki poore 5 saal jeb garam hoti hai inki. AAP ko ek mouka dena galat nahi hai. mouka sbhi ko milna chahiye.:

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