How Aseemanand’s confessions to Caravan magazine will help Narendra Modi in election year

In an interview to the Caravan Magazine, Swami Aseemanand, accused in various terror-related cases has confessed to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s sanctioning of these terror attacks. While some people believe that it will serve as a blow to right-wingers and will hamper the chances of Narendra Modi this Lok Sabha elections, I argue that it will instead help him to return significant victory:

aseemanand modi

# Modi gains from polarization. Remember how after the Gujarat Riots, when assembly elections took place in Gujarat, Modi returned with an even greater mandate? While his involvement in riots is still a matter of debate despite SIT’s clearance to his role, what is important to note is that such allegations work in his favour. Even in distant Muzaffarnagar when riots took place in 2013, analysts were linking the bloodshed to Modi wave and continue referring to him.

Thus if these interviews have implicated RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in terror attacks, the after-effects are only going to please Modi brand of politics.

# When secular forces unite, each of them ends up losing a lot. Despite the numerous calls to each other by the so-called secular parties like Samajwadi party, Congress, JD (U) etc, the sad truth is that secular forces have nothing to gain if they unite. They draw considerable power from Muslims voting for them en bloc. If they unite, Muslims will be confused as to whom should they give their votes. This will lead to division of crucial vote count and thus will fail to translate into seats.

# One can even stretch the revelations so far as to suggest that they might indeed be a political conspiracy., But as rumoured that it’s a congress conspiracy, it will be better to consider it as a BJP sponsored conspiracy as well. Because if RSS indeed faces the music for sponsoring terror attacks (All due respect to law and the due process), it will end up working in favour of BJP which will cash in on the ‘victimization’. BJP’s predecessor Jan Sangh was formed only after RSS was banned over Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.




  1. Meghayu says

    Does your seculerism means against hinduism?? Secondly.. How much do u know about sangh and its activites?? Thirdly a suggestion is that just rashtra sarvaprathm! Jai hind! Jai bharat!

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