Three Benefits of Studying Mass Communication

There can be many benefits of studying Mass Communication  in this global age of  information but three key benefits of taking up Mass Communication are what we are going to talk about today.

Before we begin with what are the profits of it, lets first understand what is Mass Communication?

Mass Communication is a course related to communication, which you can either pursue at graduation level or post graduation level. Anything less than 2 years is a short-term course, which we really do not advice you to take up, as the course requires rigorous practical work and in-depth understanding.

It comprises six-core subjects- Journalism, Video Production, Audio Production, Advertising, Event Management and Public Relations. Each of the cores is an extensive field in itself with each having masters level courses in universities of repute abroad and back home. Before you understand the benefits of studying Mass Communication, lets first understand what all does it includes in detail. Journalism is further Print Journalism and Electronic Journalism. Here you would get to learn the skills of reporting, writing and editing stories (news stories). In audio and video production, most colleges impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills of handling equipment like video camera, still camera, editing Softwares and audio recording equipments. Mass Communication adds some more depth to your knowledge of the market, as Advertising is a popular core, which is taught as a part of course. Here not only you would learn a little bit of marketing along with how a typical ad agency functions but practical may also include designing an ad campaign. In Event Management, you get to learn how corporate events mainly are organized and the typical tasks, which are entailed. Finally Public Relations or PR as it is popularly known will help you understand what are the different people a company needs to maintain a cordial relationship with. It is just not its consumers but also dealers, government, employees and so on. Thus Mass Communication is an exhaustive course where you get to learn so much. Unlike popular belief that Mass Communication is a course which helps you work in the media especially electronic media, this course is not just about it. Essentially studying Mass Communication entails knowing about all the aspects of communicating with the masses where masses are large number of people unknown to you.

Now lets get down to the benefits of studying Mass Communication

Benefit #1 Satisfying Experience: The first benefit of studying Mass Communication is that there are enough engineers, doctors, managers and other professionals in the world. Not that they are not important to the world or happy with what they are doing in life but if such a profession is not your thing than you could be really frustrated in life. Mass Communication needs hard work, persistence, focus and interest in creative endeavors even when you are only studying it but once you start giving your maximum efforts to it, rest assured you would feel you are upto some very Nobel cause. Who does not get a high when their thoughts and ideas impact the society positively and have the potential for bringing about a change.

Benefit#2 Know Early, decide wisely: Whether to pursue Mass Communication at graduation level or at masters level is a catch 22 situation. See, a graduate course can be generic where you can learn different things and decide in advance that what is it you would want to specialize in. Masters is the apt level for specialization. From this argument flows the logic that take up Mass Communication degree at graduation level only. Those media graduates who studied all the cores of Mass Communication at graduation level are in a better position to decide what to specialize in- filmmaking, journalism etc. While knowledge base so wide helps one as a professional too as everything is linked ultimately so it is always good to know how an ad agency works if its event management you want to go for. By the time you graduate, ideally you should have a fair inkling of what is it particularly which interests you in Mass Communication.

Benefit#3 Sometimes Mass Communication graduates tend to switch lines by taking up something else instead of any core area of Mass Communication. An increasing number chooses to do MBA in marketing. It helps to do Mass Communication if you choose to go to such fields like Management, your own business, teaching and the likes. Ultimately this course is about communication and in today’s world, soft skills play an important role in your career growth. All the skills that you have learnt during your graduation can help you to communicate your way to success. In comparison to run of the mill degrees like BBA, BA etc, it will end up making you more professional and smart.

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    am frm nigeria,bt i chose mass comm as a course i had passion for bt my background is vry poor,cos i learnt dat,2 study ds discipline u got 2 have much money.what cn i do?

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