Bollywood songs copied from other regional hits!

Before we disclose bollywood songs which are copied from other regional hits tell us that do you like the song- Aa ante amalapuram and wonder what is the meaning? Okay the song you like and thought is a Bollywood original is a song playing out there since ages! Next trick, which seems to be working when it comes to music in Bollywood movies is to lift up or copy songs already a hit in a particular region and use them in the film. Latest example is ‘Aa ante amalapuram’ song in Maximum while Nakka Mukka in The Dirty Picture is also one such instance. Below is an anatomy of how Bollywood does it:

#1 Aa Ante Amalapuram: While you are left wondering what is the meaning of the lyrics and also what is the lyrics after all, producers of Maximum must be happy to up the hype around the film with this one and only claim to fame. Aa ante amalapuram means ‘A means Amalapuram’. ‘AA’ is like English alphabet A, ‘ante’ means ‘means’ and Amalapuram is a place in Andhra Pradesh.Before Hazel Keech- Kareena’s best friend in Bodyguard danced to it and made it famous, it was a hit song in the film Arya and latest is that a court in Hyderabad has stayed the commercial use of the song in the film as a case has been filed by the music company which holds its rights against the producers of Maximum. Original is a composition of a famous musician in the south-Devi Sri Prasad who has also composed ‘Ringa Ringa’ which was an inspiration (lol) behind Ready’s Dhinka Chika.

#2 Angreji Beat: Well they do not always copy from the south; north itself has many numbers to inspire! Now while kids in north have been playing this Honey Singh song- ‘Angreji Beat’ since ages, Bollywood has just now woken up to it! Honey Singh’s numbers are a hit in the Punjabi dominated areas like Punjab (ofcourse) and Delhi NCR.Thanks to its popularity, the song has now made it to ‘Cocktail’ where Deepika Padukone can be seen swinging to the song. Before kids in the north feel cheated about Bollywood hijacking their Honey Singh favorite, please note that it was this Rapper himself who arranged an NOC from three international labels so that this song featured in Cocktail at the request of none other than Kareena Kapoor!

#3 Nakka Mukka: While you saw Vidya being suggestive about every body part in The Dirty Picture, funnily the two words ‘Nakka Mukka’ mean Tongue and Nose! Nakka Mukka is a Kuthu (folk) song, which had its first date with fame in the Tamil movie- Kadhalil Vizhunthen.The original features Nakul dancing to the tune brushed up by the film’s music director Vijay Antony who also gave his voice to the song. Later one of the episodes of Channel V Dare to Date had a cool looking guy wooing his date by dancing on the number. Before Bollywood cashed on its popularity, this song was also played at the inaugural ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 at Mirpur, Bangladesh. And finally as it happens in Bollywood, the producers of the Dirty Picture brought remix rights of the song from Vijay Antony and rest is history.




  1. says

    For a correction, Ringa-Ringa isn’t an originated from Tamil. It’s from the telugu movie, a sequel to aarya, AARYA-2 and it was later dubbed into Tamil

      • Parthasarathy says

        Not only folk songs, there are many melodies and beautiful songs that are taken from Tamil film industry, particularly most of A R Rahman songs which are in Bollywood were used in Tamil movies much before they got into Bollywood. It’s a very big list…

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