Shocking! Flipkart is selling ‘How to do’ Sex-Selection Books

Flipkart Sex Selection Book

In the latest instance of illegal stuff getting sold on E-commerce websites, Flipkart is selling ‘How to do’ Sex Selection books on its website. A simple search on it website for the keyword ‘Sex Selection’ will lead you to a book written by Jeffrey Steinberg, “Gurantee the sex of your baby”. The same product is […]


How to raise investment, even if you are not an E-Commerce Start-up

raise investment in india

Online superstore Flipkart recently raised $1 billion, Myntra raised $50 million and SnapDeal, $100 million. From the evident success of e-commerce start-ups in India, it’s easy to conclude that investors these days favour only those from the internet ecosystem. So does that mean you’re doomed if you’re not an e-commerce company? Not really. You can […]

Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015: Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg among list of speakers

Vibrant Gujarat Summit list of speakers

Vibrant Gujarat Summit’s 2015 edition is much bigger than you can think. Ex-US President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and a host of other top CEOs of international corporate powerhouses are speakers for the event if an indicative list is to be believed. This will be the seventh edition of the summit to be […]

Flipkart Withdraws Sale of Rape Date Drug

flipkart date rape drug

In one of the most shocking incidents involving E-commerce websites, Flipkart was caught selling a date rape drug. Purepassion- a woman sex stimulant that dissolves in a drink with no color and taste of its own was found on sale on Flipkart. This amounts as a date rape drug as it is impossible to detect […]

Flashback: The Top 10 events in India in 2014

BJP haryana 2014

2014 has been quite an eventful year for India. There were occasions that brought smiles on the face of Indian people but there were also low moments that made us sad. Here is a list of the top 10 events in India in 2014 BJP won 282 seats on its own and NDA 336 16 May […]

How True Are Kejriwal’s Allegations Against Mukesh Ambani

arvind kejriwal allegation on mukesh ambani

Aam Admi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has blamed Mukesh Ambani for knowingly keeping the gas production low to develop the artificial shortage to force government hike the prices. He has also blamed that BJP and Congress are working to provide advantage to Mukesh Ambani and has registered FIR against petroleum minister Virappa Moily and Mukesh […]

Why your gas cylinder is expensive, Indians

gas cylinder

Here is why your gas cylinder is expensive, Indians. The yardstick for pricing in most petroleum and gas producing nations is to ensure thats it is sold to its domestic consumers at lesser than the price of mineral water.  This information was revealed by our tour guide in Malaysia. While we were doing rounds, we found […]

What is it with a falling Indian rupee and 2014 General Elections?


Indian Rupee is facing a free fall provoking fears of recession in the Indian economy. Of all the analyses of the decline in rupee, one very interesting angle is the link between falling Indian rupee and 2014 general elections. Here is a snapshot: -Rupee falls in every run up to elections – Depreciating rupee means […]