The success story of DLF and its eventual fall

Success Story of DLF

The success story of DLF and story of its eventual fall is one that will amaze you. Serendipity gets a whole new meaning as I trace the journey of Kushal Pal Singh popularly known as KP Singh and man behind… Continue Reading


How True Are Kejriwal’s Allegations Against Mukesh Ambani

Aam Admi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has blamed Mukesh Ambani for knowingly keeping the gas production low to develop the artificial shortage to force government hike the prices. He has also blamed that BJP and Congress are working to provide… Continue Reading


What is it with a falling Indian rupee and 2014 General Elections?


Indian Rupee is facing a free fall provoking fears of recession in the Indian economy. Of all the analyses of the decline in rupee, one very interesting angle is the link between falling Indian rupee and 2014 general elections. Here… Continue Reading


The Success Story of Café Coffee Day- Amazing Growth

success and growth story of cafe coffee day

The Success Story of Café Coffee Day goes back to 1996, when the first chapter of its history began and led to such amazing growth. It was just another venture by V.G. Siddhartha in addition to way2wealth securities. Siddartha was… Continue Reading