Here is the story behind the ‘Bad Girl’ poster circulating on Internet

Bad girl viral

This Bad Girl poster that has gone viral was actually drawn by students of a design school. This group of students at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore got an assignment to juxtapose images from popular culture as their homework. One of the group members, Furqan Jawed posted the image to […]


Twitter jokes on Budget 2014 that will make you laugh

twitter jokes on budget 2014

Budget mostly make average consumers cry but taking the Indian General Budget 2014 in its stride, Twitter like always came up with gems. Here is a list of Top Twitter jokes on Budget 2014 that will make you laugh: On Budget Sabko 100 cr mil raha hai. Rohit Shetty loves this budget. — Adiweinsteiger (@Reviewero) […]

Harsh Vardhan seeks ban on Sex Education, Twitter cracks jokes


Dr. Harsh Vardhan has stirred up another controversy by saying that sex education which is vulgar should be banned. The rationale behind such a move is best known only to him but Twitter as always has exposed the medieval times our Ministers live in. Read on for laughs: Read a convo thread Girl: Sex education […]

#TweetlikeAajtak: Best jokes cracked on Aaj Tak’s social media strategy


Indian media believes that it is easy to sell something by getting a naked girl to endorse it. Aaj Tak being a news channel can’t stoop to that level but all the news that it serves online through its social media channels is highly sexist in nature. The Forthright was the first to highlight this […]

Jokes: This is how Twitter welcomed Modi Government’s directive to use Hindi


Narendra Modi government has issued a circular through the Home Ministry asking all government employees to use Hindi on social media. The move has met opposition from leaders of non-Hindi speaking states. Twitter like always took it in its stride and cracked epic jokes. Here are few: English:- Will you marry me? हिंदी :- आ […]

Funny Pictures: The Day Yogendra Yadav Slept Still

funny pictures yogendra yadav

Remember that list which AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal prepared listing most corrupt Indian politicians? Well the name also included Ex-BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari and Gadkari in turned filed a defamation case against Mr. Kejriwal. The case has been accepted by the court and Kejriwal was given an option of seeking bail by furnishing a bond […]

Twitter reacts to ND Tiwari’s marriage: Best Jokes

ND Tiwari marries Ujjawala Sharma

Here is a list of the best Twitter jokes cracked by Tweeps on ND Tiwari’s marriage: Alright then ND Tiwari has gotten married at 88, the state must consider senior citizens & along with pension provide viagara too. — À La Ville De Satara (@AdvancedMaushi) May 15, 2014 The only issue I have with ND […]

Gandhi Atal Obama Mark Zuckerberg Join AAP

Atal ji joins aap

Lots of pictures are appearing on social media showing various celebrities becoming member of Aam Admi Party. We have seen pictures showing the membership details of Gandhi, Nehru , Atal ji and even Mark Zuckerberg on twitter and facebook. Are these people really joining AAP? The answer is obviously no. Then are the pictures fake […]

#YoKejriwalSoHonest Kejriwal Trolls Trending On Twitter

Image courtesy :IndiaToday

It seems  netizens are enjoying trolling celebrities on social media these days. We have seen Alok Nath jokes trending with hashtags like #aloknath #babug #babugkesanskar etc on Twitter and Facebook last week but now Arvind Kejriwal trolls have surpassed Alok Nath trolls. Below is the collection of some awesome trolls from Twitter and Facebook on #YoKejriwalSoHonest