Character Sketch of a Delhi Boy

On my last trip to Delhi I got a chance to observe the typical Delhi boy in great detail. Here is a character sketch:


Where do you find a typical Delhi boy?

Delhi boy is not omnipresent. You can find him at some rare places only. He is generally seen in areas like CP, South X, SN, PVR’s and campus streets. You can also catch a glimpse of him in the DTC buses. He will be standing beside the door as he hates sitting in the bus. He also gives away the seat if he takes one ASAP as he is the only guy in the bus who is awaiting someone to ask for his seat. However these days he is also very much present at the Metro stations, Metro is the only thing in Delhi that he loves.

What does he wear?

He likes wearing baggi low waist jeans with all kinds of fades on it. He would never tuck in the T-shirt, however would do the same in case he is wearing a shirt but in any case that shirt would be open. Seeing his jeans you would always wonder that what is holding it, as its still unknown whether the belt holds the jeans or the jeans holds the belt, his choice of color of belt is the typical pink, orange, red, blue, green kind of color. The wardrobe is generally from Janpath and the accessories from Karol Bagh.

He always has a big chain tied up to his belt going down to the pocket making you wonder as if the big key of the big car would be attached to it, but the secret is that this Delhi boy doesn’t own a car and not even a bike and his mode of transport is the great DTC or metro.

For the footwear’s his favorite is the canvas shoes again in colors of Red, Green and Blue. His jeans would always touch the ground and shoulder bag is a must.



This is a big enigma that why a Delhi boy is not good with ratios. You would always observe that he is in following kind of groups:-

  1. Two guys and one girl.
  2. Three guys and one girl.
  3. Two guys and three girls.

You can never find a Delhi boy in even group of two guys and two girls.

Staple diet

The Delhi boy lives on Pepsi or may be coffee but only from CCD. People have this illusion in life that Delhi boy whole day keeps on drinking Pepsi, but the truth is he buys one pet bottle in the morning and even after circulating it in a group of 4-5 (should be Delhi boys or Delhi girls) keeps it in a healthy state to be used for next day. When he stands at the bus stop or may be in metro you would always find a bottle of Pepsi with him being shared by a group of 4-5. It’s a big confusion that how that Pepsi survives these guys whole day, I don’t know whether they drink it or peek back but they would never buy another.


The next most desired place is CCD he just loves its ambience and is a great admirer of the coffee (cold and in a disposable glass). His best characteristic is that he would talk over that cold coffee, sipping it for hours and not depleting it even an inch and the best part, he would carry the same coffee even outside also sipping it whole day and still it would last longer and longer.




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