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1. Court concludes that the State Government was negligent in intelligence gathering:
“We prima facie hold the State government responsible for being negligent at the initial stage in not anticipating the communal violence and for taking necessary steps for its prevention.”
2. Supreme Court notes that “the state has failed in protecting such serious violation of the fundamental rights; the state is duty-bound to provide compensation, which may help in victim’s rehabilitation.”
Indictment of the state police
1. The honourable court in its conclusion upholds state government’s responsibility in preventing such incidents: “we reiterate that it is the responsibility of the State Administration in association with the intelligence agencies of both State and Centre to prevent such recurrence of communal violence in any part of the State. It is made clear that the officers responsible for maintaining law and order, if found negligent, should be brought under the ambit of law irrespective of their status.”
2. State government told the court that there were days when women folk obstructed policemen from arresting victims taking refuge in their homes. Khap panchayats prevented the police from performing their duties. It is important to note that there are 800 absconding accused who hail from the worst hit areas. The Court rejected this alibi of the state government and said the following:
“The reason given by the State Police that whenever efforts were made to arrest the persons involved, women folk of their village form a human chain and block the police in execution of their work is unacceptable and untenable. If there is reliable material against a person irrespective of the community or religion, the police have to take sincere efforts in arresting those persons and produce them before the court concerned. There shall not be any let up and upon failure on the part of the police, action will be taken against the officers concerned.”
3. The court has also directed that, “The investigating authorities should eschew communal bias and proceed against all the offenders irrespective of their caste, community and religion.”

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Did Modi Took No Action To Stop Riots ? http://www.theforthright.com/modi-took-action-stop-riots/ http://www.theforthright.com/modi-took-action-stop-riots/#comments Mon, 21 Apr 2014 16:02:09 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=3046 Though Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of BJP has come out clean from Special Investigation Team(SIT) setup by supreme court, many still blame him for Gujarat riots which resulted in the death of around 830 Muslims and 274 Hindus. Opposition parties target him, media keeps on questioning him. Soniya Gandhi called him mass murderer, many called him butcher of Gujarat.  Let’s look at how true those allegations are in the light of the evidence that I produce:

On 27th February a bogie of Sabarmati Express was burnt in Godhra which resulted in death of 65 Karsevaks, who were returning from Ayodhya.



On the next day riots started. Chief Minister Narendra Modi called army units on 28th February. Special forces were deployed.



On 1st March Army began flag march in the worst affected areas of Ahmadabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Godhra. Shoot and sight order was given and curfew was imposed in 34 cities of Gujarat.



By 3rd March Situation was fully in control.



Narendra Modi also approached MP and Rajeshthan government to send their police forces but both these states ruled by congress government refused to help. This is also evidenced in the SIT report which you can read here 

Below is the letter of MP Government refusing to provide police force.


As you can see on the second day itself Army was deployed. Modi took prompt action and things came in control in the third day. Such prompt action on riots have never happened in the history of country. We have seen how in the recent Muzaffarnagar riots UP government was too slow in taking action and they took almost a week to deploy the army. You can decide yourself whether Modi did everything to bring peace or not. Do Sonia Gandhi and any other congress leader has the right to raise finger on Modi, when their state  governments themselves refused to provide police support to stop the riots ?

http://www.theforthright.com/modi-took-action-stop-riots/feed/ 1
What empowers you to monitor investigations, My Lords? http://www.theforthright.com/empowers-monitor-investigations-lords/ http://www.theforthright.com/empowers-monitor-investigations-lords/#comments Sat, 19 Apr 2014 16:33:06 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=2989 The basic grammar of criminal machinery dictates the following main steps in an ascending order i.e. complaint, investigation, filing of charge sheet, hearing on charges, framing of charges, plea bargaining, trial, sentencing and lastly appeals. It is well settled that the courts cannot interfere at the stage of investigation simply because it will vitiate the whole process. However, the Supreme Court evolved jurisprudence of ‘Court monitored investigations’ precisely does this. In the ongoing Coalgate scam, the Court decided to monitor investigations of CBI, kept aside the CVC act and ignored the criminal jurisprudence altogether.

The CBI was formed under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 (DSPE). Sec. 6A of this act lays down that the CBI has to take prior approval from Central Government to conduct an investigation against employees ranking joint Secretary and above and has been incorporated to protect high ranking officials from vexatious litigation. While its constitutional validity is still pending before a larger bench, a three judge bench in this case decided to monitor the investigations first and later on ignoring the provision altogether held that in monitored investigations, no such prior approval is necessary to be taken. They also deliberately did not define the ‘extent/ nature/ scope/ meaning of this monitoring’ done.

In Vineet Narain Case (Jain Hawala Diaries case) for the first time it was realized that the CBI should be free from external influences. This led to creation of the CVC under the CVC Act. The Act makes it very clear that the CVC is granted vast powers to ‘supervise’ and ‘administer’ CBI. The two terms ‘supervision’ (by CVC) and ‘monitoring’ (by Court) are more or less synonymous. In fact, supervision carries a wider meaning than monitoring. In no manner whatsoever, the Supreme Court is empowered to ignore the whole purpose of this statute book by undertaking the job of CVC to itself. They have recently realized and allowed CBI to submit files to CVC too.

In a sensitive matter like the Coalgate Scam, a palpable reluctance to meaningfully adhere to statutory provisions cannot be entertained. The Coal Order orchestrates two questions- will all important issues justify court’s intervention at a nascent stage and secondly, when the court reasons its verdicts based on a ‘larger public interest’, can it distrust other agencies and assume powers to monitor functions of one agency which have been statutorily granted to another one?

My lords have to avoid turning into practitioners of power. If the Supreme Court only in view to position itself as the guardian of the constitution acts positively, it may be correct, but if it subterfuges the democratic spirit by polluting the very existence of statutes, then to our demise, the legal pedigree of this country is in danger. It will be a national waste of futile judicial exercises if the final outcome again turns out to be a nil sum game like what happened in the Vineet Narain Case- Zero Conviction!

But again, no one is there to monitor the Supreme Court. Fingers crossed.

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Political Economy of Attacks waged on Arvind Kejriwal http://www.theforthright.com/slaps-politics-politics-slaps/ http://www.theforthright.com/slaps-politics-politics-slaps/#comments Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:22:23 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=3028 Aam Admi Party supremo is getting famous for the continuous slaps and ink attacks that are waged on him. Two times black ink was thrown on him, once eggs were thrown and Arvind Kejriwal has been slapped twice so far. All these incident took place when he was protected by security personnel. Security can’t do much when you are on a public road as anyone can come close and it becomes difficult for the security to control the situation.

Kejriwal is not the first man facing this kind of attacks. Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Sharad Pawar have also faced slapped attack in the presence of adequate security.

Kejriwal’s hypocrisy on Slap Attack

Kejriwal is demanding probe of attacks on him and is also blaming BJP and Modi for it. I remember when Sharad Pawar was slapped, Kejriwal said with a smile on his face that this is public frustration which is coming out. Jarnail Singh, the man behind a shoe attack on Chidambaram was honored by Kejriwal and he also got an AAP loksabha ticket. Kejriwal welcomed him in his party and introduced him to party workers by saying, Jarnail is the man who threw shoe on P Chidambram and he openly applauded him in front of his party workers. Doesn’t this show the double standards of Kejriwal ? Attack on you are BJP sponsored but attack of other leaders are public anger ?

Attacks are from his own party-men

The man who gave ink face massage to Yogendra Yadav was an AAP worker. Nachiketa Walneka who threw black paint on Kejriwal is campaigning for AAP and can be seen in many rallies sharing the dais with senior AAP leaders.  Abdul Wahid, who slapped Kejriwal first was also a AAP worker. There were some media reports that he was paid 25,000 by AAP itself for slapping Kejriwal. Abdul Wahid Later apologized to him. Auto driver Lali who slapped Kejriwal also apologized the next day. These attacks and prompt apologies don’t look normal. All this people who attacked said that they were badly disappointed with Kejriwal and feel that he has cheated people of Delhi. How can the disappointment of such people who go to the extent of attacking him changes overnight ?

Gains from these attacks 

With all these incidents of attacks, Kejriwal got good media attention, which he badly needs. Each attack also increased the donation amount received by the party. On March 28, he was hit on the neck at Rohtak, Haryana. That day, the party collected Rs 42 lakh in donations compared to Rs 39 lakh the previous day. Similarly, after Kejriwal was punched and slapped at Dakshinpuri in south Delhi on April 4, online donations soared to Rs 1.35 crore from the previous day’s Rs 35.13 lakh. Contributions went up sharply on the day, Kejriwal was slapped by an apparently disgruntled auto driver.

These attacks by own party men. News about the attackers being paid by AAP itself. Instant apologies from attackers. Gains from attacks, signals that its not normal. Its not slaps in politics, its politics of slaps

http://www.theforthright.com/slaps-politics-politics-slaps/feed/ 1
Will Death Sentence to Shakti Mills Gang Rape Accused Prevent any More Rapes? http://www.theforthright.com/death-penalty-v-rights-survivors-sexual-violence-correct-deterrent/ http://www.theforthright.com/death-penalty-v-rights-survivors-sexual-violence-correct-deterrent/#comments Wed, 09 Apr 2014 08:39:21 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=3015 A sessions court in Mumbai became the first court in the country to sentence three convicts in two cases of the Shakti Mills gang rape to death, under the amended section 376E on 4th April 2014. This is also the first case where capital punishment has been awarded when the victim of the act of sexual violence has survived. The section provides for death penalty in cases of repeat offenders—as was in this case, where first a telephone operator and then a photojournalist were raped by three men now on death row.

Protests against rape after the unfortunate incident of 16th December 2012 have been rampant in the country. The Supreme Court and the legislature both responded positively to the society’s hue and cry for harsher punishments. The judgments of the Supreme Court in an another context reflect a liberal approach towards the other debate; the debate to abolish capital punishment in the country.

What is common in both these harsh yet liberal and liberal yet harsh approaches is that much of the debate in the public domain on issues of rape and death penalty is looked at from a plain ‘yes or no’ perspective. Do you support- yes/no. Simple, basic answers igniting a debate without being accompanied with a why? On a wider conspectus, there are basically 3 classes of people. One who say rape is the worst kind of violence and a harsh punishment must be awarded to the offender, a few amongst these say a capital punishment should be awarded to deter the anti social elements. The second class consists of those who agree rape is a very cruel offence but capital punishment should not be awarded to anyone by the state. The people who belong to the first class are happy as this is what they presume is the correct approach of the state through its law enforcing agency. However, this judgment by the Sessions Court has triggered a very debatable topic amongst the second class. They very blatantly argue, state has no right to kill someone. This is a sponsored murder, they contend.

The state cannot be allowed to celebrate implementation of their statute books & policies in the names of survivors of sexual violence. Such survivor’s life now is changed! Why? Because the state failed to ensure protection to them at the right time. Such an offence is a shame for the state, providing an after-incident remedy and claiming popularity and attention in her name, undoubtedly is even more shameful. What is wrong is that it is being portrayed to the countrymen that the state has now strengthened its laws and very soon giving capital punishments will act as a deterrent and sexual offences will soon be eradicated like polio.

The real question in front of everyone now is: will hanging them to death make things better and is this a moral position that we find acceptable? And in this the challenge before the appellate court lies.

http://www.theforthright.com/death-penalty-v-rights-survivors-sexual-violence-correct-deterrent/feed/ 0
Is Loksabha 2014 Election Becoming Hindu Vs Muslim ? http://www.theforthright.com/loksabha-2014-election-becoming-hindu-vs-muslim/ http://www.theforthright.com/loksabha-2014-election-becoming-hindu-vs-muslim/#comments Mon, 07 Apr 2014 07:29:18 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=3008 The loksabha election fever is at its peak with the first phase of polling is about to begin from next week. Lot of statements from different political parties and leaders are coming, which are creating an impression that this election is become a Hindu Vs Muslim election.

On one side there is BJP which is trying to attract Hindu votes and on the other side there are so many so-called secular parties like congress, JDU, SP, BSP, AAP etc who are fighting to grab the Muslim votes. All these secular parties have only one and only one formula to attract Muslim votes and that is Modi.  A cut throat competition is going in between these secular parties for criticizing BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. If party is thinking that by criticizing Modi more and more they can win the hearts of Muslims and can turn their votes in their favor.

Lots on nonsense statements have came out from many leaders. Oxford graduate Salman Khursid called Modi impotent. Congress candidate Imran Masood said to chop Modi . Whether its civil engineer Nitish Kumar or wrestler of Etawah Mulyam Singh, or former  School teacher  Mayawati or 50+ murder charges accused Mukhtaar Ansari or Arvind Kejriwal of AAP from whom communalism has suddenly became the main issue, all are together criticizing Modi to attract Muslim votes.  Even congress president Soniya Gandhi went to Imam Bukhari to seek his help in getting Muslim votes. She made statement that Muslims should not get their votes divided. Imam Bukhari also gave a positive response and asked Muslims to vote for congress.  Vasundhara Raje took the charge from BJP side and  replied on Imaran Masood statement by saying to see after election who cuts whom.

There can be hundred issues on which votes can be asked from the people, but why everyone is so eager for Muslims votes. Why from north to south east to west every party and leader is talking about Gujarat and Modi only ?  Muslims have the history of voting in bulk to single party which is the reason why every party is trying hard to get their votes. Its benefiting BJP as it is becoming Modi Vs all.

Whatever going on is not good for the democracy. Election should be fought on issues which matters to public. Development, growth, inflation, terrorism and corruption should be the issue not secularism or communalism. Hope the voters of the country will understand this.

http://www.theforthright.com/loksabha-2014-election-becoming-hindu-vs-muslim/feed/ 0
Lok Sabha Seat Faridabad: The key contest is Avtar Singh Bhadana vs Krishan Pal Gurjar http://www.theforthright.com/lok-sabha-seat-faridabad-key-contest-avtar-singh-bhadana-vs-krishan-pal-gurjar/ http://www.theforthright.com/lok-sabha-seat-faridabad-key-contest-avtar-singh-bhadana-vs-krishan-pal-gurjar/#comments Fri, 04 Apr 2014 18:09:34 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=2998 Congress has given ticket to its sitting Member of Parliament Avtar Singh Bhadana this Loksabha election. Sitting MLA from Tigaon constituency in Faridabad, Krishan Pal Gurjar has been fielded by BJP to give Bhadana a tough fight. Here I am doing a detailed analysis of their record as policymakers to help you decide a fair choice:

avtar singh bhadana vs krishanpal gurjar

Krishan Pal Gurjar

Krishan Pal Gurjar is a sitting MLA from Tigaon constituency in Faridabad. He has been associated with BJP since a long time and is knows as a loyal support and worker. He is a graduate by qualification and is a couple of years younger than Avtar Singh Bhadana. He looks through Bhadana and considers him not worthy of competition this election. His manifesto includes a pledge to clean Yamuna. Besides he has also promised a university, better connectivity between NCR and railway line connecting the remote parts of Palwal.
He has been consistently opposing the toll-regime in NCR. He considers it unfair for the people to pay thrice for maintenance of roads as cess on petrol, road tax and again toll tax. He is confident that when Modi will come in power, he will deliver a special package for Haryana state to make it self-reliant.
• Can provide a fresh impetus to Faridabad’s development by taking over from an MP who has won two times consecutively.
• The anti-incumbency sentiment against Avtar Singh Bhadana is at an all-time high. Faridabad has gone younger in the past decade and may would like to vote for change.
• Highly riding on a pro-Modi wave. Little is known about his work as an MLA , even the campaign has been woven around Modi. So people who want Modi at the centre might vote him in. Faridabad-specific development seekers can go take a walk.
• He is of the same community as Mr. Bhadana and is likely to split up votes. BJP took 1.8 Lakhs Brahmin votes and about 70,000 Aggarwal votes into consideration while fielding him.

Avtar Singh Bhadana

Avtar Singh Bhadana won the Faridabad seat in 2004 and 2009 elections. During his current term (2009-2014) as Member of Parliament from Faridabad, he has an attendance record of 46% as against the national average of 76% which means on an average MPs attend 76% of the total sessions of the Loksabha and Mr. Bhadana has attended only 46% of the total sessions. He has participated in total 14 debates of the house where as the national average is 37.9. The numbers of debates that he has participated in are few and compare poorly to the national average but he has utilized those occasions to raise certain key problems of the Faridabad district. He for instance took up the question of illegal mining on the rivers passing through Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which are leading to floods and destroying agriculture fields. He also requested in one of the debates, releasing of the funds under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna for broken roads in Faridabad. He also raised the need to utilize funds for Nahar Singh Stadium in Faridabad. On one occasion, he raised the demand for an underbridge at Sarai Khwaja, an underbridge at another location in the district and construction of roads. He also raises total 231 questions in the parliament whereas the national average is 300. The questions he asked were of varied nature including questions related to Doordarshan, Prasar Bharti, railway lines etc but he also asked Faridabad-specific questions such as the question of metro line to Faridabad and Bahadurgarh.
He has spent most his MP fund known as MP Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) on construction of streets, pathways, chaupals and community centres. In an interview he also claimed that the Badarpur metro was a fruit of his efforts. His rival this election, Krishan Pal Gurjar has however held him responsible for the delay in the extension of metro to Faridabad.

Enjoys public support. Won last election with 41% votes.
• Has been a four-time MP, representing Faridabad three times in the Lok Sabha, well versed with the problems of the constituency.

Has considerable support from a single community, his own. Promoting politics of casteism.
• Not efficient in utilizing his MP fund. For instance in 2009-10 only Rs. 12,00,000 were spent of the total Rs. 2 crores.
• Is not active as a parliamentarian. Attendance and debates show that he can do better.

http://www.theforthright.com/lok-sabha-seat-faridabad-key-contest-avtar-singh-bhadana-vs-krishan-pal-gurjar/feed/ 1
Why Supreme Court cannot just appoint Sunil Gavaskar as BCCI Chief http://www.theforthright.com/why-supreme-court-cannot-appoint-sunil-gavaskar-as-bcci-chief/ http://www.theforthright.com/why-supreme-court-cannot-appoint-sunil-gavaskar-as-bcci-chief/#comments Thu, 03 Apr 2014 15:16:10 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=2988 At a time when the most profound thoughts are expressed within 140 characters at an astonishing speed, there is at least one thing which must be debated across the country in expressions not bound by a word limit: The need to highlight the sunil gavaskar BCCI Chiefperils of the most trusted institution in India, the workplace of my lords, the Supreme Court. What the Supreme Court has started practicing is a form of adventurism. The role assigned to the court has taken a reversal based on self assumption of powers which the constitution never guaranteed to it.

With due respect, the Supreme Court’s decision to appoint Sunil Gavaskar as BCCI’s interim head for IPL is completely arbitrary, irrational, against due process of law and violative of Article 14 of the constitution.

I will just raise two doubts and make an endeavour to answer them to clarify what error is being done.
1) Why only Gavaskar’s name was debated-Is it not wrong?
2) If someone feels aggrieved by this appointment, what remedy is left to him?

Article 14 guarantees a ‘Right to equality’ to every citizen. It implies that every citizen is equal in the eyes of law and shall be given equal treatment. Any arbitrary decision benefiting an individual or a class of individuals except an ‘intelligible differentia’ and ‘its rational nexus with the object sought to be achieved’ is against the constitution. The basis of a democracy is electoral representation. This appointment is a clear violation of this proviso that without any election, nomination or assignment, a particular individual is appointed to conduct the most celebrated sport tournament in the country, just based on whims of a judge. This is a judicial discretionary appointment to preside over an institution, interim, of course, which has its own bye laws regulations etc, which should also not have been ignored as it is at all.
Lastly, even if any person feels aggrieved by this order, he has no remedy at all as the Supreme Court cannot issue a writ to itself guaranteeing fundamental rights. The Fundamental right to constitutional remedies also is thus being violated.

I wonder will the Supreme Court go ahead, intervene and appoint the cricket team captain too, considering M.S.Dhoni’s luck not shining abroad.
To add to our demise, there is no one to Supreme Court the Supreme Court. Fingers crossed.

http://www.theforthright.com/why-supreme-court-cannot-appoint-sunil-gavaskar-as-bcci-chief/feed/ 0
Complete List of BJP Candidates Uttar Pradesh for Lok Sabha Elections 2014 http://www.theforthright.com/complete-list-bjp-candidates-uttar-pradesh-lok-sabha-elections-2014/ http://www.theforthright.com/complete-list-bjp-candidates-uttar-pradesh-lok-sabha-elections-2014/#comments Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:46:17 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=2979 Complete List of BJP Candidates Uttar Pradesh for Lok Sabha Elections 2014
Sambhal: Satyapal Saini
Mathura: Hema Malini
Fatehpur Sikiri: Ch. Babulal
Shahjahanpur: Krishna Raj
Dhaurahra: Rekha Verma
Akbarpur: Devendra Bhole
Jalaun: Bhanu Verma
Hamirpur: Pushpendra Singh Chandel
Allahabad: Shyama Charan Gupt
Ambedkar Nagar: Shri. Hariom Pandey
Kaiserganj: Brijbhushan Sharan Singh
Gonda: Kirti Vardhan Singh
Domariyaganj: Jagdambika Pal
Kushi Nagar: Rajesh Pandey
Ghazipur: Manoj Sinha
Ghosi: Harinarayan Rajbhar
Baliya: Bharat Singh
Robertsganj: Chote Lal Kharwar
Basti: Harish Dwivedi
Dewariya: Kalraj Mishra
Jaunpur: KP Singh
Chandauli: Mahendra Nath Pandey
Kaushambi: Vinod Sonkar
Barabanki: Priyanka Rawat
Faizabad: Lallu Singh
Behraich: Savitri Bai Phoole
Shravasti: Daddan Mishra
Gorakhpur: Yogi Adityanath
Bans Gaon: Kamlesh Paswan
Azamgarh: Ramakant Yadav
Unnao: Sakshi Maharaj
Mohanlal Ganj: Kaushal Kishore
Sultanpur: Varun Gandhi
Farrukhabad: Mukesh Rajput
Kannauj: Subrat Pathak
Jhansi: Uma Bharti
Fatehpur: Niranjan Jyoti
Mainpuri: BSS Chauhan
Ata: Rajbir Singh
Bareilly: Santosh Gangwar
Pilibhit: Menaka Gandhi
Kheeri: Ajay Mishra
Seetapur: Rajesh Varma
Hardoi: Anshul Varma
Mishrikh: Anju Bala
Moradabad: Kunwar Sarvesh Singh
Rampur: Dr. Nepal Singh
Meerut: Rajendra Aggarwal
Baghpat: Satpal Singh
Noida: Mahesh Sharma
Aligarh: Satish Gautam
Agra: Ramshankar Katheria
Firozabad: SP Singh Baghel
Varanasi: Narendra Modi
Lucknow: Rajnath Singh
Kanpur: Murli Manohar Joshi
Saharanpur: Raghav Lakhanpal
Etawa: Ashok Dohre
Kairana: Hukum Singh
Muzaffarnagar: Dr. Sanjeev Baliyan
Bijnore: Rajendra Singh

http://www.theforthright.com/complete-list-bjp-candidates-uttar-pradesh-lok-sabha-elections-2014/feed/ 1
Why Gujarat CM Narendra Modi thinks Varanasi is a safer runway for Prime Minister flight http://www.theforthright.com/why-modi-contesting-varanasi/ http://www.theforthright.com/why-modi-contesting-varanasi/#comments Sun, 16 Mar 2014 12:58:47 +0000 http://www.theforthright.com/?p=2971 So finally it has been officially declared the BJP’s PM candidate is going to contest from Varanasi. Despite some troubles regarding Murli Manohar Joshi hesitating to leave the seat for Modi, BJP has decided to field Modi from the holy city Varanasi also known as Banaras and Kashi.

1. Strong Impact on Eastern UP and Bihar

Varanasi is geographically crucial. It is just 45 Km away Bihar. It is the center of Purvanchal( eastern UP). Modi’s contest from Varanasi can create impact other seats in Purvanchal and Bihar. There are 35 Loksabha seats in Purvanchal, out of which BJP has won only 4 in the previous Loksabha election. Adjoining Bihar has 11 Loksabha seats. Modi contesting from Varanasi can influence around total 46 Loksabha seats in the region. These seats can be a game changer for BJP

2. Hindutva Center

Varanasi is a holy city and a very popular Hindu pilgrimage place. BJP has been associated with Ayodhya and Modi contesting from Banaras will help BJP to create Hindutva effect.

3. Polarization

The polarization has always worked in the favour of BJP. Modi fighting from a holy city is definitely going to create some polarization effect. Another near by district of Purvanchal, Gorakhpur is already a highly polarized district. Mulayam Singh is worried about that, which is the reason why he is now going to contest from Azamgarh to polarize the Muslim votes in his favor.

4. Safe Seat

Varanasi has always been a strong hold for BJP and it has lost only once in last five Loksabha elections. In the current scenario where there is already Modi wave, Varanasi looks more comfortable for BJP now.

5. Development Issue

Modi has successfully established his image of Development oriented person. Gujarat has developed a lot under his leadership. Purvanchal has been a under developed part of UP. Modi can also take advantage of his development oriented image by contesting from Varanasi.

6. Good message to party workers

A good leader should lead from the front. Gujarat is right now fair and sqaure Modi area, he can easily win from any place of Gujarat with lakhs for votes. But Uttar Pradesh is a state where BJP is very weak. Modi contesting from UP will give a positive message to party workers. It will infuse enthusiasm in them and their workers to strengthen the party.

why modi contesting from varanasi

UP is a crucial state for BJP, it has 80 loksabha seats and it is necessary for BJP to perform well in the state ,then only it can form government at the center. BJP has became weak in the state and to rejuvenate it nothing would be better than fielding its star and PM candidate Narendra Modi.

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