The good and the bad of Narendra Modi as PM 2014

Narendra Modi as PM 2014 may actually turn out to be true.Will Narendra Modi make for a good or a bad PM?First the referring by Supreme Court of the case filed by Jakia Jafri, wife of slain Muslim leader Ahesan Jafri against Narendra Modi to a trial court and then a report by US Congressional Research Service predicting 2014 Lok Sabha election as a contest between Modi and Rahul Gandhi.Narendra-Modi for Prime MinisterIn the past few weeks much momentum has built on the issue of Narendra Modi as a PM probable and when we take factors like infighting in BJP, lack of a charismatic leader to pull it off well and an increasingly young electorate’s preference for a leader who can deliver on development, chances for Modi brighten up even more Understanding the opportunity seeing him in face, Modi has also undertaken the exercise of image overhaul where Modi kept a three-day fast for the cause of strengthening social harmony and brotherhood-Sadbhavna Mission as the name is. While the elections are still very much away opinions on Modi are pouring from all quarters. What if Modi really becomes our PM in 2014? Lets delve upon the goods and the bads of it:

The Good

Good for India’s Rise: “Narendra Modi is called a CEO, but not just of a state. He can surely run the country”, this is what Sunil Bharati Mittal opined at the Vibrant Gujarat summit 2007 and what more his fellow entrepreneurs from the top most league were largely with him on the same page. Modi is indeed good at the helm of managing economic affairs even if we don’t take endorsement by these top shots into account. In 2010 Gujarat grew at 11.04%, although Bihar grew at a little less but because Gujarat is bigger than Bihar, its case of economic growth becomes more attractive. We all have read a lot about how Modi has played a key role in the good fortunes of Gujarat but will Modi rub the same magic off to the entire nation if he wins? My calculations predict a high chance of that happening. To all the criticism that has been leveled on him, Modi has replied with the miraculous figures of economic growth. It is human for him to have a larger aim in life by aspiring for the post of PM but he knows he would have to face a lot before it actually materializes. There are detractors in the party and outside too. In such a scenario, Modi is most likely to make economic growth a corner stone of his manifesto. Narendra Modi can actually help a lot in infusing much needed capital in the economy because his image as a investment friendly leader would attract funds from near and far. We have seen how UPA II & I have done nothing about the momentum of growth we are increasingly losing so may be this is where Modi is needed.

Inclusive Growth: This point can be quite controversial but there is no harm in at least formulating it. My good sense says that with all the allegations of violence against minority hurled at Modi, we are actually pushing him to prove himself innocent. Such fed up is he of all the allegations that he is increasingly trying to be seen as a leader of the masses. Such a Modi in power would go that extra mile to keep minorities satisfied. Thus minorities may see some actual development happening, thanks to a Modi trying to fight for his image.

A leader after a long time: Since Vajpayee has left nation is facing lack of a leader to look upto. Manmohan Singh may be good at many things but he is not good at taking the nation in confidence and acting with the kind of conviction, which is required. Narendra Modi may fill the gap with his image of someone upto something serious. This would help the government in taking actions, which are in larger interest, but fear of popular backlash is stopping that from happening. Also to benefit would be our foreign policy, which would see a break from the past when a restrained India would be more assertive.

The Bad

India’s image may take a toll: Modi’s election as PM may lead to a dent in India’s image as a strong democracy in the world with critics terming election of Modi as a victory of communal forces. Foreign media is very critical of Modi and they extensively covered US’s denial of visa to Modi. Except the Report by the US CRS, we could not really find anything positive about Modi, which the foreign media notices. Even narratives on how Gujarat has developed under him are concluded with sharp remarks on his communal past. Thus we may not have it easy on world forums while articulating our interest.

Alienation of Minorities: However hard Modi may try but the allegations made against him are of serious nature and he is no doubt RSS’s apple of the eye and Right wing’s poster boy. With this kind of lineage and his alleged involvement in curtailment of human rights of the minorities may alienate them when he comes in power. Majority may still choose him but PM is for the entire nation and it would not be good on the nation’s part that a section of the society views him as a threat and rest hail him to be their man.

Finally Narendra Modi is working hard these days to atleast get to contest for the seat of Prime Minister and as US CRS sees it, it may be a contest between Rahul and Modi in 2014, which would be quite interesting to watch. Modi as a PM has its own pros and cons and lets without any bias know and explore them because India is getting younger and better and we certainly need to analyze who would lead it the best!




  1. says

    interestin n wats pros and cons of rahul gandhi being PM? i’d choose modi over rahul gandhi who hasnt proved anythng yet….. dont wanna see him to…even become CM!!

  2. pawan thakur says

    isn’t this the irony of this country that right wing extremists are contending for “prime minister” and “chief minister ” while left wing extremists are designated as “cold blooded”
    terrorists by this so called “developmental state”.

  3. says

    Very much delighted to hear this news. Just a few days ago, he (PM) has made our life maserible by raising the price of LPG. He has also utterly failed in convincing the common man in leading a family life with 6 cylinders a year (it would have been better if he had given certain hints/guidelines as to how this dream can be realized). I have no objection if he talks about providing electricity to every household, but let him not mislead the common man using the word AFFORDABLE as the price of electricity is already non-affordable for many of us.


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