Heavily guarded reopening of Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant

Maruti Suzuki Factory at Manesar saw a reopening today, a heavily guarded one. This factory was shut down after riots in which a manager was killed and several others injured. While this plant at Manesar has resumed operations again, it will still not reach its pre-riot capacity of production with just 10% of its capacity of 150 cars a day. Nevertheless, this has helped in company’s shares going up. Reopening is well on time as unrest in the past one year had led to a steep decline it the sales. Now when the plant has reopened, it is expected to get back to its good old shape gradually.

Only 75 workers reported for work on Tuesday which means more can be expected as the word of peace goes out to rest of them. Police has been deployed at the entrance of the plant and a heavy guard remains at other places around the plant.

Maruti Suzuki has decided to scale down its contract labour force, which was one of the grudges which led to labour unrest and later riots.



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