An inspiring story of weight loss

Looking for an inspiring story of weight loss-May be mine can inspire!At some point of time, we all have faced it-embarrassing weight.Such situations end up making us realize how strong and determined we could be.I faced a similar situation and the way I faced it and won against it became- An inspiring story of weight loss.

I shed 30 kgs to look good

What I was

Unlike most other obese people, I never realized I was overweight. Perhaps because my friends loved me a lot to bother about my weight and so was true for my family too.

Result: At 23 years of age, the weight scale broke the news that I was now 96 kgs, fact compounded by the measuring tape that my waist now stood at 40 inches!!

How it began

I realized I was obese when I read in a health journal that if your waist size is above 32-34, then you are vulnerable to all those cardiac evils. This was anthetical to my plans of living a healthy life, far away from any sort of health hazards. Also I wanted to look good in the mirror and sport one of those ‘to-die-for’ Levi’s denims. Your favorite piece of clothing could be very encouraging for weight loss!

Takeaway: Find your motivation to get going!

How I started the weight loss

What I became

Thankfully my body was almost seasoned to workout because of my love for basketball. I was not but aware of any proper approach to fat burning. I joined a professional gym, which had facilities of cardio and strength training. I also researched about nutrition on the Internet. Trainer at gym gives you a general diet plan, but it is not a one size fit all solution! Try to see for yourself what works for you. Studying and experimenting is essential.

Takeaway: Every one is different. Test what works for you and what doesn’t.

My diet

I eliminated the intake of refined carbohydrates completely from my diet such as refined wheat flour (maida), soft drinks, packaged fruit juice/lemonades and anything that had sugar and starch in it.  I also loaded my diet with lots of protein, generally coming from natural sources such as lean meat, egg whites, milk and paneer and also made complex carbohydrates like oats, green fibrous vegetable salads, multigrain breads etc. part of my diet As far as fats were concerned, I bade goodbye to saturated fats (such as ghee, butter, cream, coconut oil). I resorted to healthy fats such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, peanut butter etc as cooking medium. I also started to drink 2-3 cups of green tea / black coffee. They are natural fat burners.

Takeaway: Eliminate junk and bad fats and reduce the intake of carbs.

My workout

To make up for an ideal weight loss program, I worked out 6 days a week. It constituted 30 minutes of cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming etc and 1 hour of strength training. Strength training, especially when done with heavy weights increases your metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories even when you are watching television.

Takeaway: Work hard. There is no substitute for it.


Before 96 kg

After 66 kg

Height 5’6”

Before age 23

After age 24




  1. says

    So I lost like 7 kgs in 6 months and my flat mate lost 20 kgs in an year’s time.. the plan was essentially the same you followed…i guess more than eliminating or introducing anything in terms of diet etc..its more important to be disciplined towards healthy lifestyle which matters.. You can have you pizzas and burgers too and still be lean nd muscular..all matters is discipline even when eating junk food.
    anybody up for my interview/story ? ;) :D ….the owner of the website systematically deleted my comment from FB :P

  2. Anusheel says

    Second dat…. in fact there were days i had just salads n protein… no grains ….for like 3 weeks or so once every 3 month and used to treat myself wid maggi :D. A healthy lifestyle is essential nevertheless

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