What to do after Journalism in India?

Are you a media graduate wondering what to do after your Journalism degree in India? Well chances are that you have Journalism in Indiaalready lost all your enthusiasm and your most preferred choice right now is anything, which will give you atleast a job guarantee. (Read MBA) But here we would like to shake you strongly from your sense of loss, repent and disappointment and make you recall the excitement with which you chose to do journalism instead of those so called conventional but basically boring career options.

See, now you actually hold a real journalism degree from a regular college and may be you just need to change the way you look at it and you will be as driven as you were ever to explore a career as rewarding as Journalism. What follows are a couple of suggestion, which will help you to take stock of your situation and decide on the way forward:

  1. Get down to expertise: It is imperative to know all what is happening around you if you want to make it as a Journalist but don’t forget that ultimately you will be required to work on a particular beat- politics, sports, cinema and so on. It will be great if you yourself choose what is it, which interests you the most. Start reading on that early, build up on your expertise and most importantly, if your field of choice has some formal degree or course, do check up and go for it. If political beat is what interests you the most than work on your knowledge of politics and for that you can even enroll for a full time masters course in politics. Entertainment beat however does not have any formal course of Journalism in India yet but you can consider working on your knowledge and building contacts as early as possible.
  2. Incubate Story Ideas: Your real talent lies in looking for stories. Always be on a lookout for stories, if you ever come across a good story and media gets interested in it, there would be no looking back. Infact going to the media outlets for a job will not make as much sense as becoming a freelancer, master of your own will, once you know how to pick up events and turn them into news. Change your perspective and look at everything as a story! (But a word of caution, in order to get a story never make up a story!)
  3. Learn new skills: In this age of media convergence, your gains will be higher if would can learn new skills. To begin with have an active blog and learn how keywords work in google. If you can turn new media to your advantage, please do that. Experienced personnel may dominate print but for their Internet avatar, publications prefer young ones like you. So get some basic gyan about the new media and let the fame flow!

We hope all the suggestions will be considered by you. It is all a game of tactic but it’s not tough to get a rewarding career as a Journalist in India. Also try to stay clear of another general course like a Masters in Journalism if you already know what is it that you want to get specialized in. Time is precious honey, make use of it wisely.




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