Did Modi Took No Action To Stop Riots ?

Though Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of BJP has come out clean from Special Investigation Team(SIT) setup by supreme court, many still blame him for Gujarat riots which resulted in the death of around 830 Muslims and 274 Hindus. Opposition parties target him, media keeps on questioning him. Soniya Gandhi called him mass murderer, many called him butcher of Gujarat.  Let’s look at how true those allegations are in the light of the evidence that I produce:

On 27th February a bogie of Sabarmati Express was burnt in Godhra which resulted in death of 65 Karsevaks, who were returning from Ayodhya.



On the next day riots started. Chief Minister Narendra Modi called army units on 28th February. Special forces were deployed.



On 1st March Army began flag march in the worst affected areas of Ahmadabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Godhra. Shoot and sight order was given and curfew was imposed in 34 cities of Gujarat.



By 3rd March Situation was fully in control.



Narendra Modi also approached MP and Rajeshthan government to send their police forces but both these states ruled by congress government refused to help. This is also evidenced in the SIT report which you can read here 

Below is the letter of MP Government refusing to provide police force.


As you can see on the second day itself Army was deployed. Modi took prompt action and things came in control in the third day. Such prompt action on riots have never happened in the history of country. We have seen how in the recent Muzaffarnagar riots UP government was too slow in taking action and they took almost a week to deploy the army. You can decide yourself whether Modi did everything to bring peace or not. Do Sonia Gandhi and any other congress leader has the right to raise finger on Modi, when their state  governments themselves refused to provide police support to stop the riots ?



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