Is Olive oil good for Indian hair?

Is olive oil good for Indian hair? Yes Olive oil is good for Indian hair! olive oil is good for indian hair Indian hair type is generally frizzy and unmanageable and blame the pollution, lack of a rich non-vegetarian diet or even paucity of time to care of your tresses but fact is that they require attention-serious attention.

Olive Oil is one of the quickest and simplest way to get your hair in control and plus the beauty they add by making your hair shiny, smooth and long is tremendous. Olive oil is good because it has essential fatty acids, the ones our body does not make on its own but the ones, which are necessary for their goodness. Also it is a rich source of Vitamin E.

There are many ways of imbibing olive oil in your daily cooking and we are sure that you understand the best way to beauty is to eat healthy. Here we are going to suggest you two very practical ways of using olive oil as an application to care for your hair.

  1. To begin with use olive oil for your usual weekend oiling: Okay so every weekend when you oil your hair before shampooing them, use olive oil instead of your usual hair oil. Take two and a half tablespoon of olive oil if your hair are of medium length and alter the quantity accordingly depending on your hair length; bring it to heat until its lukewarm. Now apply it using your fingertips deep in the roots and when you are done work up the oil in the hair all the way to tips. Once all the oil has been applied to your hair. Tie them lightly and leave them over for atleast a night. Shampoo using a mild solution. Don’t forget that never towel dry your hair by patting them hard, you may just end up causing a lot of harm to them. Pat softly, let them dry and then detangle your hair and trust me you will find your hair much better then before!
  2. The above method was about how you can quickly let olive oil do wonders for your Indian hair. Another awesome method but requiring a little more effort is hair pack method. You can make wonderful hair packs using olive oil at home. The simplest pack you can make is by mixing Olive oil (or even crushed olives if you want) with cream of curd and whipping the mixture till they are nicely intermingled. Once it’s done, apply it richly starting from the roots to the tips. Leave on for an hour or so and wash it off in a little cooler than lukewarm water. Another make at home face pack is known to be a great one which will make your hair so straight that you would not need to get them rebounded! For this you need Avocado oil, Olive oil and almond oil and honey. Mix them in equal parts enough to cover your hair and do leave this overnight for best results. Do not shampoo the next day, as the good things this mixture will leave behind even when you wash it off will still need sometime to work on your hair.

These were few ways in which Olive oil can be used to condition your hair. See these methods may be appearing cumbersome to most of you because they are not as easy as picking a bottle from shelf but if you use them on a regular basis you will realize how good olive oil is for Indian hair, folks!




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