Reason behind Assam Riots

What is the reason behind Assam Riots?Why the riots broke out in this North-Eastern state of India?
It began with killing of four bodo tribal youth on Friday in Kokrajhar district of Assam.They were killed by unidentified people but taking them to be persons of muslim community, armed bodo tribals launched attack on muslims.
Bodo tribals and Muslims- A history mired in bloodshed
Bodo tribals have in the past targetted Muslims,Marwaris and Biharis.It goes back to the pre-independence history of the region when Bengalis were brought to Assam to do administrative jobs as indigenous bodo community-oldest inhabitant of brahmputra valley was not as educated as the bengalis.
Bodo tribes are mostly hindu with a sizeable christian population.Thus giving the riots a communal tint.This is the reason why media is widely reporting the riots to be hindu-muslim riots.
In 1983, more than 3000 people died in Nellie riots in Assam when tribals and muslims clashed.
Influx of Bangladeshi Immigrants
Bodo tribals once formed the largest social group in Assam.Due to influx of bangladeshi migrants in the region, they have been reduced to a small section of the society now.Muslims speak Bengali and thus in addition to religion, langauge complicates the difference between the two communities.One of the pressing demands of bodo tribals in addition to autnomy-a separate state is sending back of bangladeshi migrants.Although central government was swift to deny any bangladeshi hand in the riots this time but even if they are indian muslims who are involved in violent clashes with the tribals this time, problem has been complicated by influx of migrants as any mischeif is accredited to them by the tribals.




  1. Twitter- @advsajin says

    Darkness coming round And everybody fighting with their brothers Everybody wants control Don’t hesitate to kill one another..Religion is the reason The world is breaking up into pieces Colour of the people Keeps us locked in hate


  2. Shivam says

    Monica u will see the consequences in future if persons like sanjay thoughts get private only. India will become muslim country in future.

    Request you all to make sure no muslim left in ASsam.

    • Monica Verma says

      make sure no muslim is left in the country! den muslims will ensure tat no hindu is left in other countries where they dominate.den as the circle gets bigger, na hindu bachenge na muslim! desh secular hai, hindu hi pasand hain toh alag desh bana lo

      • Secular Stupid says


        Try to go through the roots of Indian Civilization/ History (Not narrated / written by Communists). You should be ashamed of what you have written above. You have no respect for the intensively scattered literature by eminent people in India. You are so called secular and still you cannot justify the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh from India ( Jungle ).

        You feel that you are secular then you are fooling others who laid down their lives just because Pakistan was born.

        Shame on you. Bodos have every right to live in their land and enjoy their rights. They have highest priority to live anywhere in India as well (Whole country is their land). But these Bangladeshis whom we have already given a separate piece or our flesh, have no right even to drink water on our land.

        Bodos should not take part in these riots but I feel that they have little options left. This is nothing but the retaliatory-reaction.

        You should better understood the humanities instead of barking as Secular.

          • wel wisher says

            Dear Monica because of peoples like you who themselves call secular are the curse on Indian democracy. Because of this secular congress govt our country is in trouble…before talking abt secularism juz say what happened to the Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir etc etc what made them to leave their mother land…same thing is happening in Kerala also..these congress secular traitors are very happy to pass comments on Narendra Modi for the Gujrat riots bt those idiots never talk abt the reason for the riots…Pls name a single Islamic country whr ppli live peacefully…only cuz of them only whole world is suffering…islam is a curse on mankind…so try to change your secular name plare…otherwise ppl wil cal u a fool…

              • Dragon says

                I guess you need to understand the true meaning of secularism.

                Let me know if I need to elaborate the same.

              • indian says

                i dnt knw monica hw d hell thse dum ppl r so dum tht dey dnt knw d meaning of secular ! Thse ppl whtr hindu or muslim or christan or sikh they jst spread voilent shit cz thts wt insyd thr head thts wt dey bought up by thr parents

              • Manish Rai says

                Can you explain what Secularism is..??? Indians don’t need any exact definition of Secular…as it is one of the main characteristic of Indian culture n diversity….

                If people cannot respect India n Indians…they should not have rights to live in India..So stop supporting that Miss Monica

            • Abeez says

              “what made them to leave their mother land…same thing is happening in Kerala also..”
              i’m a keralite , what the hell are talking about? who the hell told you we have problems here? we have no issues around here people. And “monica verma i’m totally with you , people have the right to believe in whatever they want believe and do whatever they want to but that doesn’t have to involve killing anybody or anything, some people are looking for a reason so that they kill somebody,.. remember the guy named ‘hitler’ his problem was same, all he wanted was his people and kill everyone else, Once again monica good work keep at it….

              • Dragon says

                I guess you should put little more pressure on your brain and get the facts clear about Kerala.

                Check the history how Muslims have eliminated Hindus from their areas in Kerala. And there are many recent menace. Details can be found on internet and free media.

                Let me know if I should list down some of them.

          • pratik says

            I will tell the truth…..Hindu muslims are equal…there shud not be any kind of discrimination on basis of caste…..I can surely tell that… the group of atleast 50000 muslims in mumbai riots,ther wer pakistanis who inspired every muslim ther for wrong action….u could see few pakistani flags there……

            • shahid says

              pratik i really respect you by ur thoughts.
              other countries developed soo much,but v stil fighting with each other in the name of religion,please maintain the peace in our country.all r humans,same blood,same heart function.lets contribute in the development of our country instead of thinking about who belong to which religion.if u kill some one u msut answer to god wehter he muslim or hindu…thx

              • pratik says

                thnx shahid……wat I want to say is” due to our low thinking ,people from other countries take advantages and are successfully spreading our country…..
                leave hindu muslims outside india….but who r ther in india they are our brothers…they shud nt fight for unknown people outside india…

                • Indian says

                  Pratik, Iam sorry to say that but iam not here to discuses more. As you told that you have seen Pakistanis flag in Mumbai issue: unfortunately this is the symbol/ sign of world Muslim (at star on moon). Whenever a Muslim meetings/gather happens they use such symbol/ sign on flags as every religious/ other groups use other symbol/ sign. As we all know that Pakistanis are our open enemy so whenever we see such symbol/ sign we think that it’s a Pakistanis flag this is our basic problem. Because Pakistanis are in our mind (negatively).

        • Hindu-Stan says

          Very well said Mr. she is just a pseudo secular, these kinda people let us down, I don’t know what book they read and they really cant see the truth, Its a Hindu country and it will be remain as a Hindu country, Monica if you have pain for those f#cking opportunistic and selfish people so you can take your as# to pornistan with them,


            • shahid says

              dear monika.i realy appreciate your humanitarian thoughts and having so patient for these vulgar reply.i am surprise why people thingking am muslim,am hindu.and hindus thinking we should remove al muslims,it means u kill mulsim who is a human created by god,is this allowed in ur religion,pls brothers if u want to see our country developed think v r indians,if u get traped in discremination then our childrens wil not be having peace,our country wil sure be in trouble….lets say v r indian,v live together,v wil dioe for each other and for our country,lets stop these communal violance..thanks

              • Indian says

                dear Shaid, Monica and all others.. I could like to clear one think, Every issue starts with small problem and It directs to religious/cast /state/ country problem. A think we need focus is : east India company (British) ruled on us and we are were treated as slaves for more than 100 years, I was not born at that time I came to know through INDIAN history. British were our biggest enemies for Gandhi- Father of nation and other patriots. These british people left mark of separation at the time when they left India. After 60+ years of independence also we can feel the pain of separation. Pakistan and Bangladesh were Indians now they are enemies and British are our friends. All Indian need to think why and how it happened. Some people, like you are trying to balance but some others need to complicate it. Such people dint have right to speak about India and its culture. That’s all for the day to days is our independents day. We got this day not for that we are Hindus/ Muslims/ others , we got that we are Indian and we through way the British people today and are separated today and the problem of: this land belongs to Hindu and Other land belongs to Muslim started to-day. I am in confuse every time today I need to celebrate for getting freedom or I need to feel bad for separation, the effect for which we are on this page. I am sorry if I have hurt any once feeling (hindu/ Muslim) which I am not my intention.

          • says

            HINDU-STAN do u knw meaning of hindustan? its mesn to respect people respect human talk resptivly to other pls dnt use ever such languange to any girl or any i think u dnt have sis or mom thats wny u dnt knw how to talk respect people cause

            • asef says

              who told you not to use words against girls .Do you not have father brother that is why you do not know to respect male or your self esteem is lower than a girl or you are less respectable than a girl.

      • saurabh mishra says

        hey , what going on here , this is my country , we had given muslims their nation , why these fuucking mulla went their , we had already divided this country , because of this bloody secularism 1947 they remaiined here , they are inceasing their population they are now 23% in this country and they become 50 % by 2050, and then you see Miss Monica a secularist when your daughter are raped and burn by these muslims what now happening in Assam, can you answer me who initiates the roits , who initiated Godhra?? this is the most violent community in the world , whole world is getting spoiled by these fucking Muslims. you can see any islamic nation they all are badly administrated by Army rulers or dictators. they know only 1 thing voilence, and if you cant do anything for my country then stop being a secular and support this killing ideology. when a hindu says do anything for religion he is communal and when muslims says then it is a secular. this is our land(Hindustaan) since 5000 years, and this remain our. whoever ruled here mugal or Britishers.

      • tinku biswas says

        “muslim will ensure that no hindu is left in other countries”
        wow … are you so oblivious… name any muslim country except turkey where people of other religion enjoy same liberty /status. Do you know, in islamic republics no non muslim can become state of the head?

        Muslims are human too, true .. but intolerant human… its ok to have them in small numbers … but when their numbers grow … they cause huge problem … example, afganistan, pakistan, bangladesh.

        And pseudo-seculars like you will let this country become pakistan.

        • RIhan khan says

          Hey….. Shaurabh Mishra and all those fucking narrow minded people what rubbish u talking we all r Indians and living together since last 65years of independece just think about that. Please come out of this bloody thinking and think as an Ture Indian and Monica raised a good topics and i think people should not take it wrongly.


      • Dragon says

        Dear Monica,
        The Elimination of Hindus has been on in Pakistan and Bangladesh till date.
        Check the statistical information. India has seem growth of Muslim population in terms of overall percentage. The story is opposite in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hindus have been reduced from 33% to 9% in Bangladesh. This includes 3 million murdered in 1970s. In Pakistan the percentage went down from 20% to less than 2%.

        To answer ” hindu hi pasand hain to alag desh bana lo”
        “Hame Nationalist Indian Muslims bhe pasand hai. Lekin Bangladeshi Muslim aur Indian-Traitor Muslim nahee.”

        • surya says

          we should start terrorism for saving our mother land and our community …. I hope soon we will start ,……. waiting for that day

      • harshit malhotra says

        ” I have to be brutally honest on this whole issue ,,,, this is the only country where shitty things happen in the name of so called democracy and secularism ,, having said that doesn’t mean i disapprove of it ,, it’s really easy to invade indian borders plus the temptations involved with it like voter card ,,ration card ,,if you cross iran border’s illegaly u will be kept in jail indefinately ,, if you cross afghan borders illegaly u will be killed on the spot whereas in india infiltration comes with added perks ,,, so keep infiltrating and keep enjoying ,,we have no problem ,, coz we are democratic and secular people..

  3. Sunny says

    You all fucked up superstitious idiots… Do you guys even realize that all religions are fake and man-made?? There is no fucking God… there was Big Bang and leptons, quarks & boson… the genome of a Muslim and a Hindu are the genome of a Homo-fucking-sapiens… But I support this riot and all other riots because we need to reduce the human population count from the current 7 billion to a more manageable 3 billion for the sake of the environment… Kill them all – Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Bodos, all…

    • Monica Verma says

      kill all those who do wrong, execute those who bring bad name to humanity population will go down!why innocent human beings shud die in riots

      • confused says

        I really doubt iradicating muslims out of india/assam is a solution. If there are no muslims, then there will be something else. I mean we already know that Arunachal is under dispute because of chinese. Any intruder can easily walk all over India/Indians. And if its not an intruder then it can be any low-life, zero self-esteemed leader who can readily sell himself to any terrorist organization. I know cleaning up government/system is very long term solution but sooner or later it has to be done. Unfortunately I dont know how I/we can make that happen. This is kinda dead end to me.
        Additionally something to say on Sanjay’s comment. I can understand his frustration and I also somewhere think that we can put this to an end by killing all muslims brutally. But again think about this: do we really want to walk out of our houses everyday and take laws in our hands to ensure the security of our own people? That’s government’s job.
        such an impotent government! How could politicians live life in that undignified way!

    • Mk says

      @Sunny R u ready to get killed? When you say Kill every one then are you ready to get killed for the sake of reducing population?.

    • INDIAN says

      abey ganje(BALD)Sunny kutte tu suar(PIG, GOD ko beech mein kyun la raha hai tu ganje tere baal ke saath saath tera dimag bhi jhar raha hai kya…….SOB

  4. Sunny says

    Not all… keep 25% of the smartest and 25% of the healthiest… and kill the rest… irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

    • Rawshan Iajdani says

      You probably wont fall within these both group. Kill yourself first. This planet earth can accommodate 35 billion people. But we will start getting reduced within this century and you may have hard time finding enough young to excel the economy in the next century.

      • Sunny says

        If there is a test like such atleast I will have a 50% chance of survival… but if religion is the criterion, then i will not have that chance.

    • INDIAN says

      saale ganje (SUNNY Suar) apni ganji taat ki tarah he baat kariyo tu. saale teri shakl toh achi nahi hai toh kam se kam baat toh achi kar liya kar

      • Sunny says

        chutia tu mujhe shikhayega baat karna… Hindu Muslmaanoko mare woh theek hain… lekin yeh thik nehi…

        Aur beta yeh planet 35 billion support nehi karsakta… 7 billion main economic crisis ho raha hain… water crisis, terrorism, political crap… yeh riots wohi economic crisis ka natija hain… 4 billion ko marna impossible hain… i know it… i was being sarcastic (ever heard of the thing called sarcasm? its a funny little thing)… modern theories in evolution bolta hain ki humlog sub ‘homo neanderthals’ se ‘homo sapiens’ bane somewhere in africa… then we spread all over the world… populating it… aur filhal bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world… log waha se bahar niklega… human nature hain… 20000 saal se yehi karraha hain… isliye mar dalo adha logo ko…

        25% IQ aur 25% health one se atleast 50% chance hain mera zinda nikelneka… statistically speaking… agar 50% log bachega to sabka 50% chance hain bachne ka… filhal mera usse bohot kam chance hain… aur mera test IQ ya fir physical strength nehi hoga, main kaunsa dharm main paida hua woh hain…

        aur chutia… mera shakal ke bare main bolega… woh tu apna maa behen se puchio… whoi randi dono mera photo dekhke raat ko ungli karti hain…

        • INDIAN says

          toh chutiye ganje tu apne khandan ko leke mar ja kahi toh bhi kuch population toh kam hogi ganja chutiya

          • Sunny says

            tu mere baal ke bare thora jyada chinta kar raha hain… woh mera parai aur stress karne ka natija hain… science n engg ki jo 8 saal padai ki hain… isro main internship karta hoon… haan main hi ish dharti ko bachaonga… woh mera life ka maksat hain… tu apna baal aur saakal bacha… yeh duniya bachane ka kaam hum baatsurat geek pe chor do…

  5. Amit says

    Hey dude, i will like to kill you first, slaughter your mom, your dad, your brother, your whole family, how does those words sound, very good right ?, don’t forget that the rest you are referring to, consists of your beloved ones too.

    • Sunny says

      guarantee that you will continue killing until half the population is finished… then kill me first and kill my family… that would be my sacrifice…

  6. Swati Tripathi says

    More than a hindu-muslim riot, this problem is about natives and infiltrators. We are all so sensitive right now because it has taken a communal colour. What if the natives were muslims and the infiltrators were hindus? What would we want then? I know it is an hypothetical question but I’m only trying to give a perspective here.

    But, being an Indian, mind you, not a hindu but an Indian, I strongly believe that this is our land, our culture.Any blue blooded Indian would feel the same. No one has a right, neither an Indian, nor a Bangladeshi or a Pakistani or an alien from mars, to sabotage our country’s sovereignty. Let’s not make this about hindus and muslims. That is just not right or smart.

  7. says

    Thanks for this explanation Monica. It has been in the news channels of Assam since the last few days, and what actually did happen was really horrible.

  8. Pranab says

    Monica, appreciate your effort, but before writing on a sensitive issue make your facts correct
    1. Bodo is a full fledged language and has a rich literature. A community having a rich literature should not be called tribals;it’s biased. Why? Only because they have Mongoloid traits? That’s unfair on them.
    2. Muslim and Bodo history mired in bloodshed- its an atrocious statement! Assam never had communal clashes; it has always been clash between natives and infiltrators.
    3. The nelly massacre was not done by the Bodos, and it was not a clash between Hindus and Muslims. It was a result of the Assam movement that was controlled by the Assamese intelligentsia, politically led by AASU, under the leadership of PK Mahanta. Nelly massacre was never initiated by a tribal community.
    4. Bodos are not mostly Hindus, a major section follow their old animistic religion.
    5. The epicenter of the riots, Kokrajhar, never ever had a big illegal Muslim population, it’s a recent phenomenon. So please don’t say it has a history since the colonial times.

    Please read this following blog:

  9. Sohrab Khorasani says

    First of all, it was great deal of idiocy on the part of Indian government to stay in denial for years regarding illegal Muslim influx from Bangladesh into India’s North-East and Bengal due to cheap vote-bank politics. Bangladeshi migrants have proven their nuisance in Myanmar as well in the state of Arakan. Bangladesh must understand that, its not the duty of other nations to take care of its unwanted and uncivilized surplus if its own people cannot stop procreating more and fail to get any employment in their own country. Note that, there is resentment over Muslim immigration from Bangladesh, not the Hindu or Chakma Buddhist. Why? We Indians (well, I am an ethnic Iranian whose ancestors have lost their glorious Persia to Islamic pests) have already lost a great chunk of our land in 1947 partition followed by slaughter of Hindus from present day Pakistan-Bangladesh. We cannot afford to let our motherland fall to these rowdy people anymore. The way we were united against corruption, we HAVE to unite for our Assam, for Tripura for our Bodo-Kuki brethren and pressurize our government through our own Hindu-Christian-Jew-Zoroastrian-Jain-Sikh-Buddhist vote-bank to expel the menace back to Bangladesh forever.

    • Shafeeq says

      Hey, Just be simple in your thoughts and communication. Just say you want the worldforce ( Hindu-Christian-Jew-Zoroastrian-Jain-Sikh-Buddhist) to unite and wipe out those Muslims who are true to themselves and the creator. Have humanity, are honest and sincere, coz you ppl are allergic to all these good human characters

  10. alok says

    I think these all religions have been revised lil more with time . islam really needs some modificatoin and som flexibility.

    p.s. author is cute :)

    • Salam says

      Who started to make latest riot in assam. Muslims or hindu bodos. Think correctly and try to understand who need more modification.

  11. Sunny says

    So u do agree that killing all people is not a good option??? Funny… how you feel that killing innocent Bangladeshi or Bodos can be justified??? And ya… kill me.

    • amit says

      i will start my killing spree by killing u, then ur family, and after that i will kill nobody, this is a great idea, atlast a coward will be removed from this world

      • Sunny says

        I know people like you… you can’t even talk eye-to-eye with me if you meet in real life, outside the Internet… and u r calling me a coward… i live in 2nd cross, KSY Layout, Bangalore… aja.

  12. Varun says

    The root cause of trouble in Assam is illegal migrants. this is not the first time assam has witnessed such trouble & it is also not the last one either thanks to vote bank politics. the only way to sort things out is to send all the migrants irrespective of religion from assam & north-east to their respective country. if their country do not accept them or they themself don’t go from india then sorry to say but their life should be made hell so much so that either they fled our country or commit sucide. our country is not a community house(Dharamshala} where anyone can come, eat & stay.

    • Dragon says

      Agreed Varun,

      Similar mischief can be seen in Myanmar. And we are awaiting timebomb in Silchar, West Bengal and Bihar. They have intruded these lands as well.

      I really doubt if Monica went to the ground Zero. Her article sounds more like compilations of what we can read from Psedo-Nationalists columns. There is nothing new.

      I guess she should check the independent reports and talk to people in Bodoland.

      To answer your concern about Dharmshala. They now own the dharmshala. They got Indian Citizenship out of corrupt Indian administration. They are in majority in half of Bodoland. They should be defranchised and their citizenship be confiscated. And then they should be deported. Ethnic Indians were deported from Myanmar in 1960s and we accepted them inspite of economic hardships. We also accepted Ethnic Indian Tamils from Sri Lanks. Myanmar never gave citizenship to these Bangladeshis. These Bangladeshis in Bodoland, Silchar area, West Bengal as well as Bihar should be defranchised and expelled.

  13. sandip says

    respected mam
    i think u r not aware bout other countries,
    i m requesting you to please update your knowledge bout other countries .
    in Bangladesh and Pakistan every month minimum 20 girls of Hindu got kidnapped. Muslim of both countries are torturing Hindu people every day.their is no action against Muslim.please check the % of Hindu people and Muslim people compare it of both years 1947 and 2012 .their is a huge India Muslim population growing but its reveres in Bangladesh and Pakistan .last month in Pakistan Muslim people enjoyed live telecast of religion that show one Hindu boy was changing his religion to Muslim.i am not saying Indian Muslim are wrong .but what ever Muslim from Bangladesh making fighting in Assam is not at all good.and as a author please update your Bangladesh Hindu condition is very worst .any day any time Muslim boys entering in Hindu home and in front of brother and parents raping Hindu girls then ditacching parents sex organ keeling all family member taking Hindu girls to their place then making gang rape for week or more days, then keeling that girl and finding other girls .in
    1947 bangladesh Hindu population was 23% .but today its only 1.3%
    and same is in pakistan
    please update your knowldge
    and make deep study on 1947 partition .
    partition was held on launguage and religion basis.
    according to partition all muslim should stay in pakistan and bangladesh

  14. hindustani says

    monica……ji, in bewakufo ko bata do… ab ye aj ka hindustan alag hai….!
    hum sab ek hai, chahe hindu ho ya muslim,, aj ka youth hindu muslim ke naam se nahi ladta, aur jo hindu muslim kar raha hai wo darasal hindustani nahi hai,,, hindustani ki sirf ek hi jaat hai….( HUMANITY)
    reason chahe jo bhi ho, jawab hindu muslim nahi hona chahie… akhir mar to insaan hi raha hai na….. aur har problem ka ek sahi solution hai and tis is not right solution to get rid off tis issue,, v hav our government to tackle tis,, if not so then killing someone doesnt make any sence….. agar hindu kahin mare jare hai to muslim ko bhi maar na hoga ye kahan ka insaf hai………
    THIS IS NOT MY INDIA, And i m really ashame wat thought our youth hav, whr as they need to support and unite INDIA

    • sandip says

      dost pls check yahoo vedios or bbc news
      hindu family migrating from pakistan to india bcoz pakistan govt no supporting them as well as local pakistani torturing them pls update ur knowledge.

  15. Madhu says

    All secular people… india is proud of you… Nice …..
    You won’t understand
    Don’t worry a day will come in near future where your child, grand child might need to forcibly vacate, convert…
    Don’t worry no need to worry now…
    Perhaps you might not be alive at that time…

  16. Madhusudhan says

    Many among us are too much secular . Above normal…

    You people don’t even recognize when threat is at our door step…


  17. Indian says

    see guys u all r stupid..what happened in assam dat all v can see here also..u all r fighting 4 no cause,isnt it??d same happened in assam,and d whole country is bearing d burnt of it..being literate and above all, being human,d superior creature made by d god ever, u shud b able 2 figure out a solution 2 d problem instead of fighting.

  18. khalid says

    Now we can see your jalos
    You ppl can just talk like this
    So why many hindus have muslim friends you all non sence

  19. RUCHIT says

    Influx of Bangladeshi Immigrants Bodo tribals once formed the largest social group in Assam.Due to influx of bangladeshi migrants in the region, they have been reduced to a small section of the society now.Muslims speak Bengali and thus in addition to religion, langauge complicates the difference between the two communities.


  20. Nk says

    SEE The muslims are illegal immigrants who thrive on indian tax payers money because of congrees, who have free vote bank… if that is the case people why was their a riot in mumbai.. please youths i urge you to get voting card and throw off congree

  21. ghge3 says

    i think our constitution should be religion change should be permitted this the solution to save our country

  22. Shahid Bhat says

    @Sunny: I appreciate your understanding of the problems- roits, migration, aboriginal status, nationalism, humanism, struggle for existance. At least, you are far away from the frenzy of nationalism (no way for religious frenzy) but your approach is too darwinian, eliminating difference between humans & animals (I personally feel there must be difference). You are, perhaps, very bold/brave which i can’t affort personally. @Monica: Thanks for trying to be unbiased. You are secular/thiest/athiest or not, doesn’t matter but how much unbiased you are while reporting, matters at lot. Keep it up.

  23. Dr. K.K. Bonia says

    Those ( present generation ) have not experienced with the life, culture and livelihood of people of undivided Goalpara most of which district fall under Bodoland including some parts of few districts- I am speaking 1978, 1979 1980 during which period had chance to serve at most remote area Kachu gaon under Goruphela and at Titaguri, Kokrajhar, they could not say clearly any thing. Being there at I roamed almost distric(then Goapara)to glimpse living condition of people there at. That time whole forest areas were very virgin, untouched, and full of biodiversity without destruction upto Bhuatan boder. However, Goruphella village near block, Kachugaon to Gossaigaon both right and left side of road was full cultivating (area for example), people working hard harvesting at least four harvesting of paddy (ahu and sali), jute, mustard seed when people were leaving peacefully, harmoniously in spite of difference of stand of living.Even then during my stay, I had observed some new settlement of new families were stated which fallowed up police officers from a distant,but I did not know whether it was confirmed or not where from they were coming and how they settled there. Now see and feel the situation of Bodoland along other parts of Assam. We must have eradicate the source disturbance which going to destroying coming generation. Who ever may be all politician must be honest, polite and instantly they should take steps to maintain peace in Assam while they should not take credit just by meagr relief either in communal riot area or flood devastating areas. We want permanent solution in respect basic need of people. We should not forget Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi, Dr. Midul Isla Saikia, Pro-Vice-chancellor of Dhaka University who always thought about Undivided Assam only. Hence, politician should not be politician rather they should be patriotic too. They should not forget to take advice old veteran experienced one too to solve state problem.
    Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwahati

  24. Waquar danish says

    Why muslim are vax in every field, in gujrat ,assam ,maynmar and again in assam that’s the reason muslim going towards the field of jehad and terror,thats the reason and a day will come when all muslim become a jehadi for his right! And thats the better than today situation……….if they kill one muslim then we kill hundred that’s our revange

    • Mutant says

      @Waquar danish

      It’s like stupid and downright retarded Muslims like you that Muslims all over the world are faced with discrimination and disrespect is shown against Islam.

      ‘Having half-knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance’ and this applies aptly to you the so-called practitioners of Islam. You know that there is Jihad in Islam but you don’t know the conditions that are attached with it. Read this and update your prehistoric mind –

      The Muslims that are going towards the path of Jihad are all uneducated morons like you whereas all the others are enlightening themselves and being tolerant around everyone around them. ‘if they kill one muslim then we kill hundred that’s our revange’ can clearly see your level of intellect by your spelling and grammatical mistakes.

      Anyways, if i had my way i would bring justice and hang all those people who are in the ‘they’ and ‘we’ category in your sentence above irrespective of religion.

      I am a Muslim by the way and proud to be an Indian where all of us (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, christian, Paris’s) live alongside and respect each other for their culture and religion.

  25. madesh kumar says

    within 10 years from now……..

    problem these kind of problems with not be just in eastern or north India……
    this will spread to entire country…

  26. Dr. K.K. Bonia says

    My Dear Waquar danish,
    As you are stating empty stomach, mother of dried breast with a newly born baby could understand meaning of any politics, religion in desert except her hurdles how to save baby as an instinctive behaviour bestowed upon her to save her baby irrespective of relegion was spread Prophet Hazarat Mohomad who was suffered a lot the same community of the area. Teaching of all Prophets is “Tolerence” to each other not according to religion but to save human societies of all of same blood clour. People like you making some blind notion keeping aside teaching of Mohmad which is happening other people of other religion too. Let follow teaching of +ve thinking to make the world most peaceful to leave peacefully, to serve each other irrespective of religion as people like devils says. We must have to follow message of Supreme God of all. Please react with my comment.
    Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwahati

  27. chendi says

    it is good article to read. but in my opinion 5% to 10% lives piecefully with locals is acceptable but not that extent similar to assam that without obeying or respecting locals ,,,,,, dont think it is right .

  28. confused says

    I really doubt iradicating muslims out of india/assam is a solution. If there are no muslims, then there will be something else. I mean we already know that Arunachal is under dispute because of chinese. Any intruder can easily walk all over India/Indians. And if its not an intruder then it can be any low-life, zero self-esteemed leader who can readily sell himself to any terrorist organization. I know cleaning up government/system is very long term solution but sooner or later it has to be done. Unfortunately I dont know how I/we can make that happen. This is kinda dead end to me.
    Additionally something to say on Sanjay’s comment. I can understand his frustration and I also somewhere think that we can put this to an end by killing all muslims brutally. But again think about this: do we really want to walk out of our houses everyday and take laws in our hands to ensure the security of our own people? That’s government’s job.
    such an impotent government! How could politicians live life in that undignified way!

    • Kusum Gupta says

      Is this what we think killing all Muslims, but why? Do you think that we can all just stay confined in our borders and be safe? Do you have any Idea only India and Nepal left with Hindus? And do you know killing them will kill our people too. This hatred of yours will lead to world war 3. Love all it is a problem of insecurity of bodo community,no one has seen it was Muslims.In India we have many Tibetans who came after Independance, and now they are enjoying every benfits in our country, and getting quota etc, for job.They have green card and citizen card, even then we r leaving peacefully.

  29. Dr. K.K. Bonia says

    End this topic as some possible irresponsible comments may make more complication as it is proved taking advantage of a local problem(N.E. India)by some bad political devils trying to unstable the whole nation-India. Being True patriotic India let us help ourselves leave peacefully to make our next generation strong and teach them how to teach other country to leave peacefully without fighting amongst them.
    Dr. K.K. Bonia

  30. Pankaj Singh says

    Guys hold on. The riots happening in assam is not because of any community or any religion. Its only beacuse of the illitracy. The illitrate people start this and literate people lyk u make it worsen. U might be having some muslim frnds do u really think that u should kill them only because they r muslims. No dude this happens in the country lyk pakistan. Are we cheap enough to compare our great coutry with pakistan and afganistan. People say the hindus are not safe in pakistan, i want to know r the muslims safe there. We r literate and living in the 21st century. We should compare our country to the developed countris and work for its development. And stop arguing in this matter. We all know if the people were literate this wouldn’t have happened.

  31. says

    hello monica i am from bangladesh and wanted to tell you that i illegally entered through bangledesh to west bengal and wanna fuck you if you have the courage please call me at 09836930347.

  32. Varun says

    Hi Monica,
    I m totally agree with the secular concept.. this is the only thing which can bring peace, harmony and development in nation like India.. but do you think, we are using this word in correct mannar? In the name of secularism.. people like you are becoming pro Muslim.. just for showing themselves so modest, broad minded and pleasing few… At the time, secular people like you blame on Hindus for each and every riots.. can you name me any riot incident which has not been provoked by Muslim first? They start all they menace first.. you can see the history, every riots is started by them first and Hindus did that in retaliation.. Today, everyone talks a lot about post Godhara.. why people don’t talk about Godhara train burning?
    Why Muslims are common in any riots happening in this world?
    There is simple reason! They take their religion above to all.. very much possessive and avoid discussing any thing in open forum about Islam.. don’t believe and respect other religion
    Due to all these reason, they are becoming like curse on mankind and cancer of humanity… Wherever they are.. there is problem… They are not compatible with any caste, religion or society…

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