We revere him and hold him in awe because in the recent times he has made the government realize that its arrogance is baseless and real power lies with the people and not the government but that said, anna_hazare anshan against corruptionAnna’s movement is not really sensible and after carefully separating emotions from the facts I guess we can have a clear view of how Anna and his Anshan are not really making sense through following five points:

1.Againt Corruption? All right! What about media?: Anna’s campaign against corruption is primarily driven by media- online and electronic. We wonder if 24*7 news channels and social networking websites were not there would the campaign have been as successful? A major part of the campaign is youth driven but is not this actually due to the coolness quotient of the cause increased several folds by live footage of India Gate and protest sites across the country? Not that we are anyway criticizing the media for its power but point is that does not Anna know how corrupt media itself is. Out of his ‘noble’ cause, media is making a fortune as the TRPs suggest! Anna has been quick and consistent with calling the entire politicians community as crook but what about the media? How can you like some and leave some when it is about an issue like corruption he feels so strongly for. Did we not have fake stings, fixing of ministers, lobbying with the corporate and what not by the ‘holier than thou’ media professionals themselves?

2.Gandhiji believed that change begins with you: Anna has been hailed by people as today’s Gandhi but really? Would Gandhiji have liked people to quit work to sit for fasts? Delhi saw strike by autos and bar association also went on one. Anybody used to traveling in Delhi would know how 99.99% auto-wallahs overcharge and then they go on strike to support Anna, Funny!

Its not just Auto wallahs and why even single out public servants as corrupt, are not all of us corrupt in some way or the other? Respect for Anna would have increased manifold and his efforts would have bore some visible fruits if like Gandhiji; he would have worked from the grassroot level. Corruption is at the end all about one’s own conscience and if that does not stop one from being corrupt no stronger, better, version one, version two, government’s, civil society’s Lokpal Bill ever would! As Gandhiji said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

3.Corruption-An issue too big? What about others?: Problem of corruption is a serious one, no denying but we have seen bigger issues then this and only because certain sections of the society are affluent enough to be count as ‘civil’ does not mean an ineffective food security bill would not get equal attention only because it is affecting poor among the poor and they are not on Facebook!

4.If politicians are farce then what are elections?: Anna and team are blissfully ignorant. They seem to have deep rooted contempt for politics but then how do they plan to run the nation if they are getting the support they claim much about? Our democracy lets us do our work while we put the responsibility of running the nation in the hands of the people we choose. Our control is limited to making a wise choice at the time of elections and punishing our elected representative who is not working effectively by not electing him in the future. There is also an option of contesting elections which most of us are wary of. How many young people would choose to go in politics? Infact they don’t even bother to vote or read about politics. They very conveniently ‘just hate’ politics. Solution to a problem lies in knowing it inside and out first and not in running away from it. Until we don’t give credit to politicians who are well read, educated and often good intentioned human beings who are as interested in making the nation better as we are, tussle of this kind would always leave something to be desired.

5. ‘India is a corrupt nation’ vs ‘India is growing to be big’: From the past few days news of Anna’s fast has been picked up by newspapers of repute all over the world and along with the actual news, they are publishing exaggerated accounts of corruption in India. Not just this, they have even compared this to emergency and announced the breakdown of democracy in the country. Is the situation really that grim? Alright government could have done without arresting Anna but isn’t this how the activist-government equations plays. Tagging of Anna as Gandhi and government as brutish is making the coverage look all the more anti-Indian interests. We are in need of foreign capital for growth and conducive international opinion of India’s economy and only that would make feeding and fulfilling aspirations of 113 crores Indians possible. Lets just agree that government of a rising India has so many issues on plate and we can solve corruption by ourselves by simply not indulging in it on an individual basis!