RIP Ravi Paturi- Unfortunate Death of a Visionary


I did not know this man- Late Ravi Paturi until one of his ex-students Saber Subhash approached me to write an obituary for him. At The Forthright we usually don’t do this. Especially I have never known this gentleman personally but as Subhash narrated his story to me and recollected fondly his memories with Ravi, nothing could really stop me from writing this for the world!

Ravi Paturi was Principle of Aurora PG and Degree College in Chikkadapally, Hyderabad. By profession he was a teacher but an exceptional teacher who not only taught his subject but taught life to his students. He was a ‘great motivator to the young minds’, as his wife recalls in a state of grief. He has listed himself as a teacher, mentor, researcher, trainer, & consultant in the field of education from the past 25 years in his profile on LinkedIn. He was principle at Aurora college from the year 2002 and was also “coordinating the process of establishing a world class liberal arts college at Sri City”, as he writes in his own words. He was a man of many roles clearly, as he had worked with FLAME, Pune based liberal arts college as Dean Research and also in media as Chief Research Officer with Vaartha, a daily newspaper owned by ABK Publications. He had three gold medals to his credit for exemplary academic performance at Osmania University, from where he earned his PHD.

He was a darling of students with a whole list of recommendations on Linkedin written for him with awe, reverence and respect by his ex-students, all of them went on to achieve zenith of success. While he was a figure of respect and love for all his students, he himself was very fond of his ‘guru’, Prof. EG Parameswaran who was also his supervisor for his PHD thesis, titled ‘work culture in educational organizations’. His father, Paturi Sitaramanjaneyulu, himself a published Sanskrit and Telegu poet also had a great influence on him.

His interview to Kathi Karthika on this Teachers Day turned out to be his last:

Ravi Paturi allegedly committed suicide by jumping into Hussain Sagar lake. No suicide note was found. Police is investigating the case. He was having some marital discord accordingly to police’s version while his wife has blamed it on an astrologer’s prediction who predicted that Ravi may face a ‘hazardous road accident’ which was keeping him perturbed since then.


“Ravi Sir,His name itself defines him to be a person with Pure Recognition,Aspiration,Vision,Inspiration.
He lead me a path to my successful career,Not only to me but for thousands others too.He was rather a friend to me than my lecturer.Spend all most of the day with him after college hours just to learn his optimism and true leadership.
He was the person who defined the concept that one ned to struggle to reach great heights,He struggled to make his students life easy and prepared us to live in this corporate jungle.I wont say i miss him coz he is glowing bright more than ever in my mind and soul.”

Saber Subhash




  1. Bala Sridevi Veeravalli says

    RIP..Ravi sir..the more I think of you the more my agonised mind says it is not true that u r no more….on the other hand I think now that now is the time when you can not only extend help to one college …God has expanded your horizon.. to the whole student world you can be a silent soul, invisibly teaching the subject LIFE

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