Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of India

As race for PM (Prime Minister) hots up, should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM (Prime Minister) of India is one question perturbing us. While top leaders in Congress have already given their yes to his leadership, his Prime Ministerial credentials in general do not amuse people. Especially in the cyber-world, bloggers, tweeples and people on Facebook have repeatedly expressed their displeasure with his potential PM candidature. Everyone has a free vote in this country; I thus can answer this question,’ Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of India’, in yes or no. I think he should not be the next PM of India. There are five reasons that support my choice:

#1 He has no real claim to fame except being a Gandhi Scion in a nation, which has already seen three prime ministers- Nehru, Indira and Rajeev from the same family. He joined politics at the age of 34 in 2004 by contesting Lok Sabha elections from family stronghold of Amethi, which was once his father’s constituency, and later his mother gave it up for him and shifted to Raebareli.Later at the age of 37, he was made General Secretary of All India Congress Committee and National Student Union of India (Student wing of congress) and Youth Congress were brought under him. Clearly, it was never merit or his work at the grassroots, which gave him such high positions in politics. In a country where dynamic and talented student leaders struggle for ticket to contest elections, this gentleman at a ripe age of 42 is still being projected as a youth leader! Compare this with Atal Bihari Vajpayee, one of the most popular PM till date who not only played a role in freedom struggle but also protested against tyranny of a single party during emergency. The current PM incumbent- Manmohan Singh is still revered for his unshackling of Indian economy with the reforms of liberalization, globalization and privatization.

#2 To be a PM, it is very essential that you have support from the electorate. While Manmohan Singh became PM for the first time without it, but his victory in 2009 Lok Sabha elections nailed down his acceptance by the people of the country. Unfortunately in Rahul Gandhi’s case, victories have been elusive in elections fought under him. Not only in 2007 but also in 2012 UP assembly elections, Rahul card did not work. What is more shameful is that till the time campaign was on during 2012 in UP, all goodness was accredited to him but when Congress lost it, leaders in congress were quick to take blame away from him to themselves. With such lack of confidence of people in him, it is tough to even imagine him occupying the top post.

#3 While people who push him great deal may still project him as a youth leader but truth is youth that he ‘leads’ far outsmarts him. In a visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of the most politically aware places in the country, he was at a loss of words when students grilled him down with questions. Likewise in a poll on Facebook by MTV India, 85% people answered no to the choice of Rahul Gandhi as PM.Add to this all the tweets and stories on Facebook, which paint a sorry picture of him. To lead a nation of youth, you need to be atleast as smart as the youth is, if not more.Should Rahul Gandhi be the next PM of India seems more of a wandering of the free mind then a serious question now.

#4 India is a democratic country. Its credentials may suffer a low if dynasty politics once again get strengthened. If Rahul Gandhi manages to become PM, world will come to think of our political system as a pseudo democracy. A nation of 113 crore people and not one person who ‘deserves’ to be our PM then someone who ‘ought to be’ or ‘is taken for granted to be’ our PM?

#5 Lastly, expecting Rahul to be the next PM, leaders in congress are already warming up to him! Names of great repute like Pranab Mukherjee and Veerappa Moily have come out in the open to support his name. If politicians in a national party are following rule of sycophancy than rule of merit to advance their ways then it would be fit if he does not become PM at all. For a healthy future of the country, one man (woman) worship will not do any good. Intentions should be questioned and decisions challenged.




  1. says

    Though rahul gandhi is not at all good enough to lead the country , gandhi label is enough to make him PM .

    He has done nothing good so far , that could make him a PM choice . Congress is nothing without gandhi label thats the only reason why all congress leaders praise him ,
    My first choice for PM is modi and 2nd choice is subramaniyam swami

      • Gms says

        this is the main problem with our people,if some one does good these people pride their sons or grand ones!
        and rahul gandhi is even unable to reach that sympathy poor(not money) fellow !
        and his name in passport is rahul davinci!!

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