How to study for 12th boards?

Before we tell you how to study for 12th boards lets make few things clear. Remember this is the time your parents and teachers were reminding you about the whole time when you were busy spending your last year of school to have as much fun as you can?Well we like others are not going to make you feel guilty about it because we understand that this time was as much for fun as for studies. Right now it’s the dreaded month of February when you can literally count days to your first exam. So it calls for some quick action especially when you are in a do or do not score good situation. For the purpose of our advice we will divide you into three types of students:

1.Those who have been preparing regularly for the boards since the onset of the session.

2.Those who were on/off but from the past few months have really gathered pace

3.Those who have only now realized that they would be facing boards soon so half-heartedly but finally they have taken refuse to books as 12th boards are just at the doorstep

The third type is the most vulnerable and its for them this article is meant, they have just realized how vast the syllabus is and they have no clue where were they when their teachers were teaching these topics in the class! To them our suggestions are:

  1. Don’t cry over spilt milk right now! : However hardly you curse yourself, truth is that April 2011 would not be here again. You need to make your March 2012 better on your own. Take a lesson from the past but feel the guilt only later. Right now is the time to act not to repent. Consider this, you waste your time feeling bad about not putting enough efforts and you waste crucial few days in which you could have prepared for atleast one subject!
  2. Identify the topics with most weightage: Now when you have decided to put efforts, identify those topics in each subject, which carry maximum marks. Those topics will add upto a major chunk and if you prepare them well, you have a real chance of sailing through. Topics, which carry maximum weightage, may be conceptually a little or a lot tough. Here you need to decide wisely that one topic with huge weightage requiring a lot of efforts and time or four five simple topics carrying equally important weightage albeit together.Actually it looks tough but to study for 12th boards, a sound strategy can work wonders.
  3. Refer simple sources over in-depth ones: Okay so we need to explain you this one in a little more detail. See syllabus has been devised in a way that you end up studying a lot about everything but you my friend do not have time. So our advice to you would be choose an NCERT over RD Sharma of Maths and likewise one book on Accountancy would be sufficient but do the respective topics carefully. It is not easy to refer alternate resources to prepare at your age but trust me if you look for other books which are a little simpler but have the same conceptual framework, you will end up saving time and will manage to score.

Okay so this is it with how we can help you to prepare for yours 12th boards. If there is anything else that you would like specific assistance with, write to us through our Contact Us page. Good luck and do well because more fun is waiting for you in college.




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