Subsidy on Gas Cylinder: All what you need to know India!

Happy India? After setting an upper ceiling of subsidy on gas cylinders as 6, Congress has urged the state governments where it is in power to provide 3 more ie 9 cylinders on subsidized rates. “The party has decided that our Chief Ministers in the Congress ruled states will provide nine subsidised cylinders annually to each household,” said party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi as quoted by media.

Lets see if it leads the BJP ruled states to follow suit.

Meanwhile,  Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation are already installing a software which will let them know if the next cylinder that you are ordering is your seventh cylinder.In case you have already exhausted your share of subsidized cylinder, this seventh one will cost you Rs.750.Also, in case you hold multiple connections of various gas agencies, it is advisable for you to surrender them as these agencies will now take legal recourse against such discrepancies.This price of Rs.750 for seventh cylinder may vary according to which state you live in.As state tax varies and this price may go up in case international prices of LPG go up too.As in the absence of a subsidy, you only will pay the entire cost of your LPG cylinder.



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