Sushma Swaraj as PM: Good choice for BJP

Sushma Swaraj as PM? Good Choice for BJP really! Bal Thakeray sprang up a surprise today by supporting Sushma Swaraj as PM.This is a total shocker in the run up to Lok Sabha elections 2014 as till now the contest of who will be the PM candidate of NDA had Modi and Nitish in fray. Other names doing the rounds were Arun Jaitley and Nitin Gadkari but Sushma certainly is a surprise to one and all!

Sushma Swaraj is right now leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha, which is an important post as far as leadership is concerned.In her current position, Sushma has shown traits of an effective leader as she has been able to pressurize Sonia, head of UPA II successfully over scams that have taken place during her party’s stint at the center.She has dignity, wits and vision of a leader as she can be often seeing interacting with her political foes with equal comfort and respect.

Her political record is also exemplary with the honour of being the youngest cabinet minister and first ever woman spokesperson of a national political party to her credit.In the present rung of BJP leaders, Sushma is placed on the higher side.Also, she can be prove to be that consensual candidate which BJP, Shiv Sena and JD(U) may agree upon.Its high time that our country gets a woman prime minister with Indira Gandhi being first and last.




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