Facebook DevilSocial Networking does not really help you to win hearts and make friends, it just makes you more artificial-more anti-social.We often take pride in the number of friends we have in our friend list but did we ever bother to think how many of them can we really call friends in the true sense of the word?

Hard to accept but this figure would not go beyond a single digit. This is one oft repeated truth of the social networks but what this article seeks to argue is that A. Social Networking websites help our detractors more than they help us and B.They are not as close to reality and help us to be really social as we would like to believe and as they would like to claim.

All right so why can we say that they help our detractors more than they help us? Reasons are many and the simplest one is our own urge to add people we know from real life on Facebook most of the times to get an idea of what are they upto? A look at their profile and updates is enough to keep us posted beyond this how many of us bother to seek phone number forget catching up some time? We are not open to the idea of even chatting online! In a way we are playing detractor to the person, as what we are looking for is if that person has failed somehow or not. We do not really care about the person to know things first hand Somehow that ugly side of us is more active than the good side, which would rather want to see happy pictures of happier times or relive the good moments relationships stand for.

Likewise these social networking websites (SNWs) would like to us to belive that they are building bridges between us but the devil lies in the details. I agree it has brought me closer to my kin and keens near and far by showing me their photographs in real time, news of their every small achievement and their candid piece of mind floating on my wall but do I have the right to dislike it as much as I like it? These SNWs dutifully add like button to everything but why not a dislike button? Is it not human to dislike something? Despite huge consensus online for a dislike button I see no way this would materialize. A dislike button attacks the very foundation of a SNW as likes boost our morale and encourage us to be online even more and thus add to the popularity of SNWs but dislike would defeat the very spirit. Five dislike on something and half of us would actually go into depression. Why face dislikes when we can rather choose to delete our accounts and be happy in our own world? Something, which is so human to us, does not have any expression in the world of SNWs.Bad :/