What to do during bandh?

Aam Aadmi’s guide- How to survive Bharat bandh.

Aam Aadmi’s guide- How to survive Bharat bandh.

We were in for a double injury yesterday as first steep hike in petrol price tortured us with inflated budget and later opposition- BJP and Left united to give us the worst time of our life in an Indian city! No one could reach anywhere she wanted. This Bandh could not be worse timed then the day when AIIMS had its entrance exam and festival of Ganga Dushshera was being celebrated across the country. To add salt to already open wounds, in Delhi, auto rickshaw drivers went on with a strike to protest the hike in CNG prices. So here we present a small tutorial on how to deal with bandhs like this ‘Bharat Bandh’ in future.


#1 Enjoy Bandh

There are a lot of ways in which you can take dirty pleasure from bandhs! To begin with imagine how many shops will be forced to stay shut by workers of the party, which is enforcing the bandh. Some of these shops would belong to those neighbours who rake in lakhs every month and show off their moolah to you! There may be people who have sold you overpriced stuff all these years, and now they will lose atleast one day of business thanks to this party, which thinks bandhs help ‘Aam Janta’.


#2 Curse Bandh

Bandhs throw life out of gear and you feel like killing the bandh-guys. So don’t keep your frustration inside. Your pent up emotions can bring you a heart stroke and worst part? You can’t even reach the hospital in time; remember how jam-packed roads are during bandhs! So what to do? Let the ‘love’ flow and engage yourself in the holy business of cursing bandh and its organizers. The ones who organize bandhs think they hold a license to protest on our behalf, or that their bandh can help us get the petrol prices back to what they were earlier. None of this is true, as bandhs give organizers a lot- political mileage, a tool to arm twist government of the day but what ‘aam janta’ gets? Not even mangoes!

Bandhs are not the way; issues such as petrol price rise can be tackled. When in power all the parties behave the same! One great proof of this is the fact that NDA originally proposed deregulating petrol price during its six year rule and when petrol prices were deregulated by UPA, opposition did not really raise any hue or cry, so to me it seems ‘Unko bandh ka bahana chahiye’ (They want an excuse for bandh!).



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