Who should be the Prime Minister 2014- Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi

Who should be the Prime Minister 2014- Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi 2014- it will be contest between leader of the young versus the experienced Chief Minister. Well, it’s only 2012, but bets for 2014 elections are already on the political charts. Who will change the fate of this nation from Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi 2014a ruining economy to a rising one? Who has that magical wand, the evergreen congress or 1977 born BJP?

The game of elections has come a long way, today it is not just an opportunity for change for the people rather a power gaining trick. The famous quote ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ lies dormant in the present scenario. Instead the notion now in is ,‘with great power comes the greatest power to gamble with the political cards and thereby cause biggest scams.’ This is the condition of ailing India. And in such a horrendous position, all eyes are on the 2014 general elections. Undoubtedly India today craves for a better leader.Who is going to be that leader now? Young (Yes young at 42) Rahul Gandhi or a hatrick scorer Chief Minister-Narendra Modi.

It looks like a Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi contest in 2014 for the PM post.Who will win it? That leader who regularly brags about the power of youth and young being the catalyst of change or a leader who is known for his imagination and innovation. Well one can still predict the result if one analyses and compares the careers of these two strong contenders.

The present chief minister of Gujarat, a man known for his authoritative command on the state and party –Narendra Modi started his political career with RSS and worked with full determination to make it a strong social -political organization, later  in 1987 he entered the mainstream politics and was elevated to the rank of general secretary in the party . In 2001, he was made the Chief Minister of Gujarat and in 2002, he returned as the chief minister with a massive majority, by bagging 128 seats out of 182. Whether they are plethora of ‘yojanas’ that this man has been implementing from time to time or the precedent of ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ summits being a hub of potential investors, all in all he has won the hearts of people. The scheme of ‘sujalam sufalam’ to provide water resources to people has been another popular formula to lead Gujarat up to the progressive path.Forging international ties with countries like Japan is fine but the state is not managing its own politics in a proficient way. The coin has a dark face too. Several leaders like Sanjay joshi have accused Narendra Modi of having a dictatorial attitude which can hamper the development of the state. The tiff between the two leaders also disturbed the party lines and caused disturbance in the politics of the state as well.

An accusation often placed on Narendra Modi goes back to the notorious Godhra incident. Fingers are always pointed at him for the lack of leadership in addressing the grievances of the victims. A sting operation conducted by Tehelka has also raised questions about his role in the horrible incident. Furthermore, his ignorant attitude of not apologizing for his behavior has further raised doubts about his leadership skills. However, it is important to consider his take on this accusation, where he firmly claims that he tried his level best to maintain law and order in the state. A good prime minister must be accountable enough to answer the queries and end the worries of its people. Nonetheless, among these worrisome allegations, his work for the people shouldn’t go unheeded.

Rahul Gandhi is another strong contender for the post of prime minister in Lok Sabha elections 2014. A glance at the political career of Rahul Gandhi informs his rise in 2004 when he contested from Amethi parliamentry seat- once his father’s constituency. Rahul Gandhi was also appointed as the General Secretary of All India Congress Committee in 2007 in a party reshuffle. At the same time he was also given the charge of the Indian Youth Congress and National Students Union of India.

The image of Rahul Gandhi as a youth leader owes to the birth of Indian Youth Congress and steady endeavors of Mr. Gandhi to induce more and more young leaders into the politics of the country. The notion behind this move is young minds are the engines of evolution. The steady efforts to make such changes made Veerappa Moily give the slogan of ‘Rahul –as –PM’ to fellow partymen in 2008. Since then the term has got much hype and party members have actually concentrated their minds on the young leader, who can be an inspiration for millions.

Rahul Gandhi has not only made efforts to made politics youth based but has also fought for the rights of farmers in 2011 in Bhatta Parsaul village.

Well the young leader has also been criticized by several leaders like Salman Khurshid who asked Rahul Gandhi to play a full-fledged role than merely giving cameos occasionally.

Secondly, the religion based reservations that Mr. Gandhi has been continuously talking about is unconstitutional. And the ‘young’ leader must know this even if he is trying to mollify a particular community or religion.

BJP has continuously criticized Rahul for having no clear vision to lead the nation.

So far going through the political career of Rahul Gandhi, I would like to compare his method of working with those frogs that show up only during rains, leaders like him show up only during elections.

Comparing the political graphs of the two leaders, one can easily evaluate that Narendra Modi has better chances than Mr. Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi needs to be a regular leader than an occasional one. However, leaders like Narendra Modi need to be more sensitive towards commoners and their requirements, considering the allegations levelled at him from time to time.

In a nutshell, the caution of public has to play an indispensable role here. One should not be persuaded by the stingy vote bank politics of the leaders. The dream of Mahatma Gandhi was to see a India where one comprehends the term democracy, with numerous diversities thriving on this land, it can be an intricate task, but this is how the progress awaits us. We all are different from each other but there is something that binds us and that is the power of humanity and love. We ought to think beyond these differences and ponder on the invisible thread that binds us.



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