Why Anna Hazare is fasting now?

Anna Hazare is back to fast at Jantar Mantar.He is fasting now to bring corruption in the government out in open.In addition to his original demand of lokpal bill, this time grievance is the corruption by UPA ministers.
Pranab is corrupt
Now Pranab Mukherjee is our President so immune from being tried for corruption charges but this is the very grievance which team Anna has.They claim that two months ago, evidence against him was produced in front of Sonia Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh and in order to save his skin, Mukherjee was nominated to the big post which he eventually secured.In an interesting show of satire, they have covered Pranab Mukherjee’s photograph with a veil alleging that by nominating him for President, this is what Congress has done to hide his acts of corruption.
15 Ministers of UPA are corrupt
It’s not only Pranab but other ministers in the cabinet against whom team Anna claims to have evidence of corruption. “162 MPs in Lok Sabha and 39 MPs in Rajya Sabha have cases of corruption against them. Fast-track courts should be made to dispose off such cases against them”, says Arvind Kejriwal.Kejriwal is leading the agitation this time while Anna will join them only on 29th July.




  1. sanaaya says

    Miss Monica Verma, i am sorry to say but fools like you fail to appreciate the initiative taken by a 75 year old man to make India stand united on the issue of corruption which for your kind information is the most disastrous problem India faces today. if only once you took the trouble to see the CAG reports which shout loud about the millions engulfed and wastage of the tax we pay,scandal in selling of coal mines,ultimately wastage of your and my money, i am sure u would not have given such irresponsible comments.and these CAG reports are brought out through RTI, anna or his team have not cooked up stories! so please stop giving your immature,shallow and baseless opinions like treating corruption as a petty problem that’ll get solved on its own.i would like to request you if you cannot really support such a wonderful initiative at least stop depopularising it through your idiotic comments pertaining the movement because god forbid if someday you have to give a large pay packet to get a prestigious government job or you see someone bribing the police,getting fake complaints fired against you in any accidental case(god forbid)then only you might realise what Anna is actually talking of!!!!

      • Evangel Athialy says

        Sanaaya, I am surprised at your comments: to me, the writer is too pro Anna; nowhere in d piece she has tried to depopularise the campaign..whatever depopularising is dere is done by their own team…..Everybody is against corruption, but maligning the President of the largest democracy in d world is not d way…the President is elected by the elected representatives of d people…let d people decide who is corrupt and who is not….

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