Why did Team Anna split: Reason behind Team Anna split

Why did Team Anna split into two factions making it Anna Vs Kejriwal? The reason behind Team Anna split is electoral Anna and Arvind Kejriwalpolitics. While Anna Hazare, backed by Justice Santosh Hegde and ex-IPS officer Kiran Bedi are against the idea of forming a political party and contesting elections, Arvind Kejriwal and father-son duo Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan strongly see contesting elections after forming a party as the only way forward to the much elusive Jan Lokpal Bill. This difference of opinion on electoral politics has led to a vertical split with Anna leading the civil society movement and Kejriwal leading the political faction.

This brings an end to this more than an year and a half long civil society movement popularly known as the Anna Movement which was launched under the aegis of Anna Hazare to fight against corruption and pressure the government to pass jan lokpal bill in the form that they proposed. The movement was immensely successful until the last time that an anshan was organized and could not get the kind of popular support it boasted till then. This led to Anna himself calling off the fast unto death midway and announcing politics as an option ahead for the Anna Movement. He even at that time had made clear that he himself will not contest elections.

This split in Team Anna is a little shocking as now positions on both the sides seem to have hardened even when Kejriwal had once said that he will not go ahead with the political option if Anna did not agree. While Kiran Bedi has expressed her apprehensions regarding electoral politics, she has also welcomed the clarification by Anna that he is no more with Kejariwal and party in it. “It is unfortunate that the team has separated…I will not join any party or any group. I will not go for their campaign. I have told them not to use my photo or my name in their campaign. You fight on your own”, said Anna.

Finally mudslinging has started on both the sides with supporters of Anna blaming the other side for using Anna, his name and goodwill and supporters of Kejariwal snapping back that it was ‘Delhi’ which made Anna what he currently is.



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