Why Do Girls Love Shopping?

Do you want to know why do girls love shopping? Its that thing when you see a cute girl and she smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s why do girls love shoppingwhat it’s like when a girl sees a store.

It is a passion for few and a hobby for every woman on this planet.

Will Ted Mosby ever meet his wife, can still get an answer, but an answer to the mysterious connection between girls and shopping does not exist and never will, that’s just a myth we all will live throughout our lives.

It’s like asking a foodie how much he loves eating to which he will never be able to reply justifiably. It is something that they have got in their genes.Like the parrot loves the green chilli, squirrel their peanuts,dog his bone and man his machines, so do girls adore shopping. For many it is a stress-buster, a way to lighten their mood and an addiction they don’t want to get over and a task they are just too good at. Believe me all of us (men in particular) are being fooled of the phrase ‘Shop till you drop’; they will never drop with absolutely no exceptions. They know where the bargains are, how to find them and when to go, so it becomes a great way to spend some pleasurable time. They hunt in packs where they fancy making fun out of the ‘expedition’ as they murmur, encourage and congratulate each other on a ‘beautiful piece of owned’, while on the mall marathon.

On the contrary men, when go out to shop, prefer to pick the first thing they see as per their requirement and exit next moment thereafter, whereas the fairer sex will try out every single berry on the tree before they get the best deal. Wardrobe will never look complete, so comes the point to shop again, to live love again. According to them – the curtain colour never matches the cushion cover. The dress they’ve bought gets boring after they’ve wore it once, the sale period has the best lot according to them every year. The restlessness of what will I wear on the weekend forces them to shop, all this done without any second thought proves how much they love shopping; it’s much more than just shopping, because the world is not enough, because they have the money, because we think they need certain things, and because it’s a girl thing at the end of it all.

In the end shopping to them means different things, it’ll remain important to them more than anything. We (men) will not understand how something that involves walking around, trying fifteen things and lugging around huge bags can be relaxing. We won’t even try to understand, we’re better off seeing them hunt and celebrate something that was lovingly created only for them. And for that, we love them.




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