Write for Us

The Forthright is ‘The Place’ for THINKERS!

People of our species share three characteristics:

1.In your face: We say as we mean! You like it? Lucky you! You did not like it? Well Lucky we!
There has to be someone who can be the bad boy, someone who can point out things and say No I differ, No I don’t agree. They say when everybody agreed and followed the other, world ended up as a big rotting land of fools!

2.To the point: Oh so you love painting pictures with your extra knowledge of English? Come another day (or come never). We prefer saying it all in the minimum words possible. Neither we have time, nor our readers! We talk To The Point -> we hit sharpest!

3.We follow our passions: We write because we think, and we think because we read and we read because we are mad about it!

If you can IDENTIFY with US

Then you really BELONG to US

Just drop a mail at monica@theforthright.com


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